Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday 6-10

Andrew had therapy today from 9am-3pm. His biggest feat today was staying balanced upright in a new wheelchair. This wheelchair forced Andrew to support his upper half and hold his head up. The wheelchair legs did not raise so Andrew experienced some dizziness due to blood flowing down his legs. He fought through and continued on with therapy taking breaks as needed to lay back for a couple minutes.

Andrew practiced writing and worked with blocks in occupational therapy. During physical therapy he got out of his wheelchair with assistance and laid on a mat in the gym. He was working on techniques to learn how to sit up by himself and roll over and lay down.

Today Andrew was able to ask for vouchers for his meals, instead of getting the food delivered. So, he has been eating food from The Red Tomato - the cafeteria on the second floor. This is a little better quality and more enjoyable for him.

Andrew's brother Tim has been here the last couple days - helping out, encouraging and supporting Andrew. Tim was also a HUGE help in getting the apartment set up, along with other friends that let us borrow furniture. Andrew had a few friends, Al, Carrie, and Nolan stop by and visit for a couple hours this afternoon. It was great hanging out and talking together.

By dinner Andrew was exhausted from the hard workout he accomplished today - his muscles were sore, but he is ready for more tomorrow!

Many people are asking about visitors and RIC allows visitors from 8am to 8pm. Andrew's schedule changes daily and we find out the night before what his next day will be like. So, if you would like to visit, you can give Kalli a call and she will try to fill you in on his next day schedule. If he is busy in therapy while you are here there is plenty to do around us while you wait!!


  1. Hi Andrew,
    Jayne here-if you don't remember I am Carl and Camille Mueller's daughter. I was SO glad to hear you went to Chicago. Family and friend support is very key to therapy. (I am a nurse so there is your nurse input today:-) ) I keep you in my thoughts and prayers throughout the day. My family gets regular Andrew updates. So oddly even though I knew your older siblings growing up and never knew
    you very well while you were growing up I can say I have had more contact with you than anyone in your family in years! Heck of a way to change that! I told two of my doctor friends your story and they can't believe it. There are way to many details that did go right that you know you must have one heck of a guardian angel:-) Keep up the hard work-it
    will pay off in the long run. Say hello to your Mom for me and yes she and Kali are in my prayers as well. Tell Kali hello from this stranger:-)


  2. Hey Andrew,
    Just wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you. I see that you are working harder in therapy then you did at Sheffield, can't say I blame you.

    I am looking forward to seeing you on my next trip to Chicago. I will stay in touch.

    Brian Heine