Friday, June 5, 2009

Chicago Or Bust!

Andrew has finally officially been accepted to the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC). Andrew and the family chose this center because it is the top ranked rehab center specializing in spinal cord injuries and it is near to family, which is a big part of successful rehabilitation. While Andrew has a long and grueling road ahead of him (8-10 hour days of rehab and therapy 7 days a week) he is ready for the next step in the healing process.

Also, since Andrew has had so much improvement in the last few days (eating and drinking on his own, in addition to many other tasks he is improving upon daily), his doctor has given the okay for ambulance transfer to RIC, instead of fixed wing transfer. Because he is doing so well he has a 7 AM date with the ambulance tomorrow morning! We will update the blog with Andrew's new address (for the next few weeks, at least) by tomorrow, so you can continue to support him. However- don't let this news deter you from posting comments and stories for Andrew, he so enjoys being able to hear from everyone!!

Again- THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH- From Andrew, Kalli, and the entire Hippert Family.


  1. Chicago HIP??????? WHY CHICAGO????? of all the places you choose the one city that's home to the Cubs and Bears? i guess i'll still come visit but i'm rocking a cuck the fubbies t-shirt and some striped packers zubaz the whole time.

    seriously though you are doing big things quickly my man, you really are blowing my mind here. from poolside that night up to now, i'm just so grateful for how things are going and how you're still Hip through all this shit.

    and i'm glad you're gonna be close to home too. chicago's tourism industry is about to see a big boom, those FIBS have no idea what's about to hit them. i want dates on when i can come visit and addresses of where i should send some stuff.

    thanks for the frequent updates family!!!

  2. That's great news Anderew that you are going RIC Praise God!! It's another step in your recovery!!

  3. I'm so glad to see this all happening so fast, and I know you'll keep up the momentum!

    So last night, I made you this huge batch of puppy chow (I hope you like puppy chow), because we were going to try to come visit you, but since you are moving, Mike and I will HAVE to eat it all by ourselves. I will for sure make you a fresh, and even better batch when we come visit you in Chicago, which will be soon, we promise! Maybe like early next week? When you're all settled and ready for visitors, let us know..we're dying to see you! And if you, Kalli and/or your family has special requests for baked goods, place your order and I'll come through! For real, call/text/e-mail, I'd love to help any way I can!

    Still thinking of you,

    Sarah Bowlby

  4. Andrew-
    Glad to hear you are doing so well. Keep up the good work in Chicago!

    Dave and Jen Laird

  5. Congratulations on choosing RIC - in my hometown! When you're ready for the best pizza in the entire world, let me know and I'll hook you up!

    While it won't be the same visiting St. E's without you, we are all very pleased with your progress. We're thinking if they let Mariposa on ICU once they might let her on again. We're gonna try again next week. You had some awesome nurses and we liked visiting with them: they were more than willing to share your crackers with a dog they had just met!

    Seriously, the best thing to come out of Chicago (besides the Cubs, da Bulls and da Bears) is the pizza and Chicago style hot dog - both of which are easily accessible to your downtown stay.

    May your stay be short and your progress phenomenal!

    -Marcie and Mariposa

  6. just think.. your rehab could be walking up every flight of stairs at the Sears tower! Once you're to that point, I'll do it with ya.


  7. Hi, Andrew ~ from the Aguirre/Pable camp!!
    I have to admit, I've become a blog addict too now. And each day Aliyah asks Genesis, "How is Andrew doing today?" So you see? You have been in the hearts and minds of countless people, and you can't possibly realize how many lives you are affecting and inspiring. Thank you for that!
    I'm glad you have chosen RIC -- we've been there a few times before. There's a movie theatre within walking (or wheelchair) distance that they'll let you go to with family or friends. Godspeed!
    Love and more prayers, Rose & families

  8. Andrew! It was so so SO good to hear your voice today! Talking to you seriously made my day. I'm glad you're getting the best rehab possible because you deserve it. You'll be up and walking in no time! I wish more than anything we could be there with you right now. I'm definitely saving up to come see you and Kalli. Andrew, you are honestly one of the strongest people I know. I've always loved the fact that you are always up for anything and always trying new, crazy things. Who else would ride bikes with me at like 1 am to the bay to play frisbee?? No one, that's who (even though you did make fun of the way I threw the frisbee). I think we all need to live our lives more like you do. You always see the best in people and are so positive about life. Which is why we all love you so much...I never told you all this, but I thought now would be the perfect time to let you know. Thinking of you all the time!

    Love, Stef

  9. Hippert! I'm so excited that you're coming to Chicago!! Let me know when I can come and visit! I know your days are going to be filled with therapy, so I guess I need to know good visiting hours too. If you guys need anything, I'm around all weekend without any solid plans, really. And of course for the whole time you're here, I'm happy to help out anyway I can.
    Congratulations on getting to rehab so quickly! Your recovery has truly been miraculous! Keep working at it, buddy! I can't wait to see you!!


  10. Hi Andrew, it was great visiting with you today. I can see why everyone loves you so much — you're a terrific guy with an excellent attitude. If anyone can beat this, you can. The pictures turned out well, if you want a copy, post your e-mail and I'll send you one. Take care. Best of luck with your therapy! Amanda Lauer

  11. Hey Hippert. Keep doin what you're doin and you're gonna make it through. No doubt in my mind, especially cause you were on the ND's so you know about hardwork and dedication. Check's in the mail for your next pair of running shoes cause you're gonna need em soon buddy. In my prayers -Fauds

  12. Hey dude,
    Good to hear your going to a quality place in Chicago. Keep up the hard work. You'll do great. I'm dedicating everyone I catch to your rehab. We'll talk to you soon. Good luck and God bless.


  13. Hippert,
    I wanted to comment on your comment, So you were talking to Jaci about the time we threw the new years party at Gonnerings with the Ting! That was the same party that Blair dumped me because she thought I was cheating on her with Amber Conrad. Then Amber puked all over the stairs and it was a big fiasco. Rachel Gonnering also was the "lucky" girl who grabed the Ting bottle that was all vodka and no ting. I remember her taking a swig and almost vomiting immediatly! Ahh...... high school. :) OK... I'm very excited about your progress.. Keep up the good work and hopefully Obama town (chicago) treats you well!
    Love you buddy!

  14. morning hip,

    by now you're probably in the land of bulls, bears, baby bears, and OBAMA!!! not a bad place to be i guess, the birthplace of Hope and Change is the perfect place to rehab. so are you at the Acute Spinal Cord Injury Center or is it the RIC flagship hospital or what? keep a brother informed here. if it's the flagship hospital i saw they got this Red Tomato Cafe place there we could check out. either way i'm hoping you got a great view of Lake Michigan, maybe a sailboat or two floating by and a clear view north to bluer skies and greener pastures. i'm talkin about wisconsin here, illinois really isn't all that so hurry up and rehab the shit out of this place so you can head north towards that greener grass (who knows maybe even west again) Hope your new roomates are half as cool as some of your old ones ;-) keep on rockin in the free world Hip, you can do it

  15. I'm pumped about you going to RIC -it's going to make all the difference. Therapy, man, sounds like it's gonna be tough. I'll tell you what- I recently did therapy for my back and the therapist ended up saying "there's nothing more I can do for you." WHAT!?!?!?!? I'm 26! I'm not living with this pain forever! You gotta be kidding me! So I asked to see someone else....sure enough, back's feeling pretty darn good. It makes a huge HUGE difference who's leading you through therapy and it certainly sounds like you're in the right place. I'm sure you've already been told, but keep in mind it can take up to a year (or more!) for nerves to heal- they're slow! DON'T GIVE UP!-like that needs to be said. For most people that'd have to be hammered in, but there's something about you Hippert. You're hard to keep up with! Do you remember coming to my apt on kilbourn at some wee hour of the morning screaming JACI!!!! GET UP!!! HANG OUT!!! COME ON!!!!!! WAKE UP!!! I wouldn't be surprised if you don't, I think you'd been drinking ???? ;) And I had been studying for an organic chem exam and had just fallen into a deep, chemical structure and formulas dream....only to wake up to WHO THE **** IS THAT!?!? My roommates couldn't get rid of you. Ha. I think you all ended up hanging out.
    ...And summers in sturgeon bay. Man it was like -seriously dude, we're tired. we've been doing WHATEVER all day long, how can you possibly feel up to going boating AGAIN!?!- It's great though :)
    Keep pushing it and everyone around you.
    Have fun in chicago!!
    more love and thoughts and prayers your way....

  16. Hey Hip,

    I hope that the new digs are nice. I can't wait to come visit you in Chitown. Is there a way they can make all of your rehab sailing related? I'm thinking: tying knots, raising sails, and rowing the dingy! That sounds like a good work out to me, plus some fine motor skills. I think that is a program you should develop. Well we all know you will continue to shock everyone around you with your determination, creativity and infectious personality.

    Let me know your address so I can send you a care package.



  17. Glad to hear you are ready for your next stage of rehabilitation! We would love to come to Chicago to visit you after you get settled in. We can't wait to see you! Hugs to you...and send my love to Kalli, too!

  18. oops! That last one was from Amy Peters :)

  19. seriously Hip you need to get back out here and bring that SoCal weather back with you. the weather's been shit this whole week, nothing but rain and clouds.

    oh yeah i forgot to tell you before that all the people we went to that Brewers Dodgers game with (YaYa, Anthony, Jesse, Lydia) and everyone at 2 triple 3 Caspian are pulling for you even though the Crew came back at the end of that game and whooped their women's fertility drug taking Dodger asses.

    and even though they don't know you as well as i, and it really is a tough task to perform, they seem to expect the same big things from you as i do. you must've made quite a first impression. so i guess what i'm saying is don't make me look like a jackass out here. keep your spirits up, work your ass off, and expect the best and the best is what you'll get. later bud

  20. Hey Hip!
    I know this is my first post but every time I go to the computer Endow is on it! I'm going to be a little cheesy and sentimental for a minute but I want you to know how much I look up to you and what an amazing person you are. Your determination and positive out look on life is so inspiring. I know for a fact I would have never gone sailing if it wasn't for you. You know how lazy I am and all the excuses I give. We REALLY REALLY miss you in Cali. It's not the same with you two gone. I love that you are starting your next step in therapy and I know you will accomplish great things. Keep up the hard work and know that we all love and miss you.

    Oh, by the way, my Mom called me today to see how you were donig. I told her it would mean a lot to you, if she would send you a picture of her. She was a little confused but I thought it would put a smile on your face.

    If you don't hear from me know I'm still thinking of you. Endow gives me the updates at least three times a day and the first thing we do in the morning is ckeck your blog. You mean sooo much to us and we hope to see you soon.

    Lots of Love,
    Heather Link

  21. Oh Andrew- So I am just at home just hoping things are going well for you. I heard Mark is on his way to see you. Stay strong! You can do it Andrew!

  22. Hippert-
    So, I finally had some time to look through my pictures. After days of partying in his crib, Dylan decided that sleeping isn't so bad after all. (Well, at least someone in our household gets to party these days...)

    I am sorry to say that I don't have any inspirational photos, but I did find a picture of you and Al on Halloween years ago... He was a hot blonde and you were an even hotter brunette!

    Didn't one of you get hit on that year?

    Ok, I'll change the subject! Dustin and I continue to update our families on your progress. Keep on doing what you're doing!!


  23. Hey!
    I'm glad u made it to Chicago!
    Now the work begins :) You have so much going for you! It's a privelege to witness all the support that rallies behind you.
    Have a great day!
    God never wastes suffering.

  24. Hey hip This is Josh schierland, I have been getting your blog second hand from other people. Just wanted to let you know u have and will continue to be in my prayers. I dont really have a steady access to internet right now but when I can get on I'll be checking u out everytime and I am confident I will be seeing the good progress you have and I know you'll continue to make! Hang in there as you have a ton of people's support and just continue to look at this as another great feat that Andrew Hippert will overcome! Much Luv Hip-Josh