Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Donations For Andrew

Not only did Andrew's Family think we had the most amazing support from all of you, we have been bombarded with requests from supporters to be able to donate funds to Andrew's Benefit. The family is going to be planning a benefit for Andrew in the future when he can attend himself- but in the meantime- I'm sure you have all noticed the new "Donations" button on the right side of the page. By clicking on this link you will be taken to a secure PayPal site where you can make a credit card donation.

Also, an account has been created for Andrew at Fox Communities Credit Union. If you would like to send a check or money order for Andrew, you can send it to:

Fox Communities Credit Union
1724 S Lawe St
Appleton, WI 54915

Checks Can be made out to "Andrew Hippert Benefit" Account.

We can not say it enough, but we are so blown away with the amazing support, encouragement, and assistance that we have gotten from each and every one of you. Andrew continues to be deeply touched by your comments and just the idea of people requesting to make donations fills us with gratitude.


  1. this is awesome, don't worry bout a thing hip. you just keep kickin ass in therapy and sleeping like a log. your friends and family will handle the rest :-) Al and I were discussing a fall classic weekend kickball tourney. maybe october when he'll be back in wisco so it gives us plenty of time to arrange everything and get the word out. just tossin ideas around on how we can help so you can concentrate 100% on sleeping and rehab.....but not in that order :-)

  2. Deb (Sier) and Aaron Huveldt are praying for you in Jacksonville, FL. Add that to the map.

  3. oh yeah i want some confirmation you're getting these posts hip. i don't want to use up all my good humor if you're not getting it, i'm limited with the amount of jokes i know. kali i'm counting on you to get these to him. thanks, love you both :-)

  4. Hippert,
    Thanks for the place to stay last weekend in SD. I don't think we trashed the place too bad. Few dirty towels and bed sheets is all. Don't start thinking dirty now, the dirty bed sheets are from the normal bodily oiling process.
    With that aside, I'd like to thank you for being such a great friend over the years. Countless crazy fun memories come to mind. Of all my friends you're the one that seems to live life to the fullest. You've always been the last one up at night and the first one up in the morning. It's hard to keep up with you sometimes. You’ve always been driven. I know that you will not let this get in the way. This is just a small hurdle you WILL get over. With this many people pulling for you, how is that not possible?!? The power of positive thinking will get you through this. Keep on fighting as I know you will.
    PS – You have a box of Mac n Cheese waiting for you in your pantry when you get back home. I got it in my marathon bag o goodies. I would have eaten it for my hourly feeding as Mark and Emily would say, but you’re all out of milk. Oh, which reminds me, there is half a pizza in the fridge as well. Just scrape off the white fuzzies and you’re good to go. Just a few things to look forward to when you get back home. Okay, I’m getting very long winded here so I must be moving along.
    Mike Van Handel

  5. Andrew,
    Our thoughts and prayers have been with you since we heard about the accident. Our house has your "handprint" all over it. You are such a determined and hard-working young man, you will get those toes to wiggle, I just know it. Keep fighting on your end and we'll keep praying on this end.
    Monica and Matt Keough and the gang

  6. Hippert- I've been keeping you in my thoughts and prayers since I heard the terrible news. I'm so glad your recovery is going well and each day gets better and better. I hope all the nurses are treating you well :) Let me know if you need any post care when you make it back to San Diego! Best wishes, I know you'll pull through and be surfing and boating in no time :)

    Annie Rudolf

  7. My friend: I have been in prayer for you since Sunday. I have requested your name on a prayer chain here in Dallas. I know you are a fighter and don't let the Devil have a strong hold whatsoever. He tried to take you but God has a bigger plan. I pray your recovery be divide by two. All the resources and wisdom will be used to help you. I pray a hedge of protection around you that every fiery dart of Hell will fall to the ground and be fruitless as the fig tree. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers, against the ruler of darkness of this world, or spirtual wickedness in high places. Put your armor on each day, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. Stand therefore with your loins girt about with the truth you will be healed in his name. Except nothing more than total and complete healing in his name and be a testimony to his awesome love and grace for you. Speak only that you will be healed no matter what you are told, looks like, or feels like. Believe it and put all things under the feet of the Lord our God.

    In his service,

    Pastor DJ Jantz

  8. Hipp this is great news! Endow, Al, Anthony and I (as well as others) have been tossing around ideas all day. We will come up with something awesome for a fund raiser. Just focus on the rehab brother.


  9. Hey Hippert.
    A good family friend of ours was in a hockey accident over 12 years ago. He had broken his neck and was told he may never walk again. I spoke with my mom today and asked her where they sent Brian for rehab and they sent him to Craig. He is fully recovered and enjoying life to the fullest. Thought this story was full of hope and I hope it puts a smile on your face. Again, no matter where you go for rehab, we know you will do great. Keep up the positive attitude. You are in our prayers always.
    Allie Long and Justin Pease

  10. Hippert,
    Thinking of you today and every day. Sounds like you are putting up a strong fight. We wouldn't have it any other way. Between your strong spirit and army of support, you are sure to get through this. God Bless!
    Amy Peters

  11. So I used to think that facebook was my favorite website, my how the times have changed..haha, but really ever since your accident I have checked in on this website more times than I'd probably be willing to admit. It's amazing to see your progress and inspiration to read all the comments.

    With that being said I'd like to share 10 random things I have learned from Andrew Hippert in no particular order:

    I have learned...

    1. That you can make any living space 100% functional and fun.

    2. That you are never too old to swing from a giant tree swing (that sucker was huge and sweet!).

    3. That a pile of maggots (and a little bit of the garden) will, in fact, burn when doused with lighter fluid. lol!

    4.That the perfect summer night can be comprised of a night sail, sitting around a fire with friends and a good and totally believable (until the end) story...however maybe next time we can skip the part where Bill steals and hides my car keys overnight, but I guess I can let that one go...maybe? haha

    5.That everything tastes better when grilled to perfection on a back porch on Bayshore Drive.

    6.That despite not previously knowing the words, it is possible to sing along with Bjorn to, "Music makes the world go 'round...math, math, math!" (I really hope you remember that..because Mike didn't and it was really funny)

    7.That watching "The Little House on the Prarie" with Andrew and Mark is actually hilarious.

    8.That no great super bowl party is truly complete without amazing cheese dip.

    9.That everything in life is better with friends, and if they're Andrew's friends then they are not only amazing friends, but really wonderful people.

    10. That the world truly is your playground. Whether it's a slide in your house, stadium couches, building your own juke box, or having the ability to teach your dog to not only climb up a ladder but slide down the slide..with a little determination you can accomplish anything.

    Andrew, you have the determination to do ANYTHING you set your mind to, and I know you don't need me to remind you of that. I hope I made you laugh a little and I hope to see that smiling face of yours very soon! Until then, take care..we're all thinking of you!

    -Sarah Bowlby

    p.s. I learned today that August 6th is National Wiggle your Toes Day (not even kidding), but don't think you have to wait until then to celebrate! ;)

    (this was a really long comment..woops!)

  12. Hippert,

    I felt terrible when I heard that you got hurt but it sounds like you've made some serious progress, which is great news. Nothing is more important that a great sense of humor and you have always been funny as hell. Remember when you and Mark put a bird in Francie's desk? That still may be the funniest story I've ever heard. I hope to see you back to your old self in no time. You're a great guy and I wish you the speediest recovery possible. Hang in there.

    Pat Keegan

  13. Andrew,

    Saw this and thought of you. Hope today is better than yesterday.

    "Don't let the fear of the time it will take to accomplish something stand in the way of your doing it. The time will pass anyway; we might just as well put that passing time to the best possible use." ~Earl Nightingale

    Sarah Zimmerman

  14. Hey Hip-Dawg! Glad to hear you are feeling much better today! The little doggie you get to hang out with is sooo cute! Alex brought the photo booth pictures home yesterday so hopefully they have gotten to you and you have had a few good laughs about how crazy your friends are. There are so many memories that I have of you it is hard to pick my favorite so I will list a few.
    1. Your best man speech at our wedding. It was very funny and very sweet..although I have yet to see bejewled hiking boots and much prefer my red thigh highs!
    2. Packer games and tail gaiting...minus snowballs.
    3. Grants pub, while I danced with the mop, then ditching out on paying the cab after making him go to the Mcdonalds drive through. Hiding inside the house with the lights off (as if he didn't know we were in there). Sleeping in the loft looking down the trap door at you and Kalli, and Discovering fries all over the house the next morning.
    4. Many house parties Hosted by you. Jamming out to your home made Juke box and shooting hoops inside the house.
    5. Playing Darts and eating wings at brothers watching your nose sweat from the spice.

    last of all
    Any time spent with you because with you there is always a memory waiting to be made!!!

    Love you Hip and can't wait to make more memories with you!!
    Love Ashley (Wilhelms) :)

  15. Hang in their man, I look forward to seeing you in Chicago if that's where you end up. We'll have to go back to that bar at the top of the Hancock Center, maybe I won't lose the parking ticket this time and we can sneak some beers in instead of paying 12.00 for a Miller Light. Let me know if you guys need any information about Chicago, fill me in on any information as it comes.

    Bob Schmelzer

  16. Good Morning Hippert!

    RISE and Shine...literally :) Thinking of you and praying for you all day long.

    Holly Pautz

  17. Rebecca Johnson aka Beccababy or MuffinJune 4, 2009 at 7:24 AM

    Hey Wonderboy! Your Sis, Sarah, has been keeping me posted on your progress...keep up the faith and hard work and it will all pay off. I found a few things to entertain you (and hopefully not offend anyone :)

    Here's the top 10 list of actual writings on hospital charts...

    10. Patient refused autopsy

    9. On the 2nd day the knee was better; on the 3rd it disappeared.

    8. I saw your patient today, who is still under our car for physical therapy

    7. Both breasts are equal and reactive to light and accomodation

    6. Rectal examination revealed a normal sized thyroid

    5. The patient was to have a bowel resection, but took a job as a stock broker instead

    4. Examination of genitalia reveals he is cirus sized

    3. Patient reported she had been constipated most of her life, until she got a divorce

    2. The lab test revealed abnormal lover function

    And the #1 actual writing on a hospital chart...

    Large brown stool ambulating in the hall

    Better check to see what's written on YOUR chart...enjoy! Sending lots of hugs, prayers & blessings your way. Rebecca Johnson