Thursday, June 4, 2009

Andrew's Blog

Andrew wanted to write a blog from his blackberry in the ICU today, but unfortunately didn't get service. So we read some comments to him, and he responded as we went.... not a response to every blog, as there are so many, but a few to start out with:

First, "Working on 10,500 handicapped stickers because it seems like everyone is reading this!"

Second, since Endow wanted proof that we were reading the blogs to Andrew: -"Hi Endow, you truly are a good friend. I can't believe you gave me money. I can't wait to be up and running in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and San Diego with you!"

-"Al, I love kickball sounds like a great idea - Club Foot Wes can help you out with that one. Sounds good, keep up all the support. I love you!"

-"To Angie - I have a crush on you now too."

-"Michelle - I certainly do [remember the house that appeared]. Just remember an apple a day will keep that away."

-"Thank you Brad for the nutritional support for my family, they've been here forever and needed it."

-"Luke, talked to my sister Theresa who is pretty involved in the deaf community and yes, deaf people do "talk" to themselves. You made me laugh hard enough it hurt."

-"Hey John VanHoof - all I did was throw a snowball! Thank you for your prayers."

-"Nice blog Bolby."

-"I forgot about the bird Pat - That's great!"

That's all we had time for this evening as Andrew is constantly working with therapists- but he really wants to be able to read and respond to everyone. Keep up the posts!!!


  1. Hip to be honest that money's from both Heather and I and we hope it's used for either travel expenses for family to visit whenever or.......

    I was thinking worse case scenario we trick out the pimpchair with some ski's and a huge Packers sail, i'm talkin big enough to get airborne. figure that might cost a bit but i know a guy who sells plastics and is unbelievable at building things so it shouldn't cost too much coin ;-)

    But that's not really gonna be an option since we both what's going down in the coming months. First you go on and get out of ICU and enjoy that new view so I can come see you. Say that sentence 5 times real fast, now that's speech therapy!!!

  2. and if a little bit of moola can bump me up to the top of the parking sticker list feel free to do so Hip :-)

  3. Hey Andrew . . . a quick note from your VERY B-O-R-I-N-G friends and family here in Manitowoc, WI.

    Hey we always knew you were a fun guy, but . . . some of those stories . . . is it possible some of these people were exaggerating? Making things up?

    Well – just remember all of us boring people here really really do want you to get better FAST and come back here and visit us all . . . and tell us more stories about your VERY exciting life!! We promise you we’ll let you relax if you need it, or do some of those really really fun things here.

    Love, Maureen, Paul, Jim and all

  4. Yessssssssssssssssss!

    <3, Angie

  5. Hip, glad to see that you getting all of the messages.

    Do you remember when we were sailing in SD with Anthony. We had just put up the new sail and were going to watch the boat races in sail bay. You decided we needed to weasel our way between all of the boats that were already anchored (totally unnecessary). You started tacking and the line got caught on a stay which proceeded to leave us without any ability to steer. We looked ahead and saw we were on a collision course with a sea ray full of people 10 yards away!! Many expletives proceeded to fly out of your mouth and luckily they were paying attention and managed to fend off the 10,000 pound boat about to CRUSH them. Wow...sailed away unscathed.

    I know that you will be able to fend off this accident and sail away without any problems. Keep working hard on the therapy. We are all here to cheer you on and pick you up when you need it. Much love.


  6. hey buddy!

    glad to hear you are doing well still, although i had no doubt whatsoever. i stopped in today to drop off some pictures for you...hope you liked them. i'm going to stop in every day until i get to see your pretty face!

    miss you mucho and keep workin it hipdog.

    lots of love


  7. Hey Andrew! We're so glad you are doing better! Keep working hard and don't worry about the black berry, you can always get a Storm...they do voice texting!

    We're praying for you!

    Stu and Kathy Dobson
    Belvidere, IL
    (Rockford People of Praise)

  8. Hi Andrew,

    I am such a doof on the computer, I sent you this long blog but didn't send it out correctly. I am so sorry, because I wanted you to know that I was thinking about my 2nd son, and that my family's prayers were with you. John called me on Monday and told me about your terrible accident and I couldn't believe what he was saying. I truly love you like a son and if there is anything I can do for you, please let me know.

    I have called Kalli a couple of times, but I know she has to much on her mind to call me right now. Your blog is fantastic, especially for those of us so far away that are desperate to know how you are doing.

    Please know that you are constantly in our prayers and that God has already worked miracles with you. I have called DJ several times and both of us are telling all of our friends to pray for you. Susan called Phyllis (remember we went to Disneyland and to dinner at Buca de Beppo with her)and she was very upset. She said to tell you that she will keep you in her prayers.

    I love you Andrew and know that you have the strength to keep fighting for all you are worth. Please give Kalli and your family my love.

    Papa Mike

  9. Hey Andrew,
    This is the first time I'm writing but I've been getting updates several times daily and have been in touch with Skalla. I was having breakfast with the family last Sunday when Skalla informed me of your accident. I was shocked and didnt know what to say. You've been in my prayers and on my mind everyday. I thank God every day for the progress you've made thus far. You're a special person and strong enough to get through this. I wish I lived close by but if theres anything I can do to help please let me know. Call or email anytime. My family and I are here for you and will always be. I heard you have a positive atittude, which doesnt suprise me. Things WILL get better. Selling plastics has not been the same... Love you brother. Sevag,

  10. Andrew,

    In February 1991, Tim (Andrews brother) & I had just started dating and he asked if I wouldn't mind stopping at his parents house to drop off a present for his little brother who was 6 just turning 7. I was nervous (first time meeting the family) but said sure. We walked in the house, without even knocking or ringing the bell, which surprized me but I was told only strangers or salespeople knock or ring the bell. Went in to meet Kathy (Mom), Laura and you. Got hugs from everyone (surprize #2). You loved the Legos present from Tim and proceeded to put the kit together in a matter of minutes.(A few years later you would say NO MORE LEGOS!) Both you and Laura weren't shy around me, you immediately started asking me tons of questions. When asked if I played spoons and I said no, that surprized you. Who wouldn't know how to play spoons? You and Laura jumped at the chance to teach me. I left that day (after getting another hug) feeling sad to be leaving, happy to have met you and eager to return and meet the rest of the Hippert family. The day I married your brother Tim I was so happy that I was to be his wife but also a part of the wonderful Hippert family. Here we are 18 years later and I get to witness the love, strength and support the Hippert family gives to you and ALL around them. To be honest, it overwhelms me at times but sets a standard for me to achieve. This week I have witnessed the miracle of a young man arriving at St. Elizabeth Hospital unresponsive with no pulse to a young man surrounded by friends and family eating cheeseburgers and guacamole. Your positive attitude, strength, determination and love for all your family and friends is inspiring. You are my hero! Thank you for being a great Uncle to Rose and Sam(your Godson). Soon you will be teaching him to play spoons. (And wigglying your toes.) I love you so much!

    Lori Hippert

  11. Andrew you can keep my out of the stickers I now have to park at walmart to walk in to the mall hasn't been a good winter to me:) Gary say " honey there comes a time when you have to put the bikini away" I don't want to believe that:) but he may be right:( Let your family know when they are ready to start the fundraiser I am awesome at it. I do so many for the Yacht Club and have many connections. I would love to be a part of your team Hugs


  12. Gosh I really should preveiw before I post sorry.....

  13. Hippert,
    Thanks for the update. I'm glad I didn't run into the the only crazy deaf girl in the cities.
    Hopefully sometime soon we'll be able to go out again in downtown Minneapolis. We'll get free food and drinks at the Melting Pot, find 40.00 bucks on the ground at the Irish bar, and this time instead of drinking high end wine with my boss, we'll come to my house, have a midnight barbarqe, and drink beer till sunrise. But until then, keep getting better every day. Enjoy the "articles" in your care package!

  14. Andrew - awesome updates on your progress. Keep up the hard work - we still need to get out on your yacht when you're ready....


  15. I am heading to Door County next weekend and was wondering if there is anything you wanted me to bring back, like maybe some cherries or some high quality fudge from the confectionary. Keep on being the great man you are Andrew...see you soon brother!


    give me a ring or have someone else get in contact if there is something you want (920) 475-9488


  16. mornig hip,

    it's friday!!!!!! hell's yeah, that means the weekend is pretty much here and everyone's gonna want to come see you now that they're out of work. i'm sure you don't get weekends off of rehab but if you do i demand you put in some overtime immediately :-) keep kickin ass man, see you soon

  17. Morning!
    The weekend is here...and I totally agree with the comment above -- overtime on the rehab! :)

    Random fact:
    The 57 on Heinz ketchup bottles represents the number of varieties of pickles the company once had.

    Thinking about you often...keep up the awesome attitude & determination!


  18. Hipps,

    It's too bad we can't just fix you with a spoon to your nose like we had to do for your busted nose...

  19. Will someone tell Andrew and Kalli that Kalli's godparents and aunt and uncle (who went to Xavier) were in late last night - but we had all been kicked out by that time. The strawberries and watermelon were awesome. rose ate most, she was suppose to save some for andrew.... Hope she did. I am stuck at work - where I love to work ( just in case they are reading) wish I was there - but know I am praying all the time. Hope Carrie Potter's potions are being used - I am serious about twice a day doses!!!!! Love you dear baby brother!

  20. Andrew,

    Jenny told me about the Post Crescent article today. We hope you rehab is going well. We will continue to pray for you.

  21. Hey Hip,
    Good to see your getting all the messages,

    Remember the time me and you went Kayaking down the Milwaukee river (the rapids were awesome) and then parked them at the corner lot and ate at mcgillycuddys. How bad did we smell, that river is filthy, what a bad idea... I cant believe they even let us in the bar. I’m sure Kalli regretted meeting us there when she saw and smelled us. I remember I had to wear some old t shirt that we found in your car that was three sizes to small because mine was all wet and gross. good times....

    Anyway get out of the ICU and back on your feet so we can do it again.

    keep fighting buddy


  22. Hey hip and kal,

    just wondering if you needed anything done out here. i know you have a swedish army at your disposal down in PB but if there's anything you need done (even if it's a vehicle driven cross country) don't hesitate to hit me up.

    and ronnie you're right on that river is dirtier than a can fill in pretty much anything after that and it applies.

    and i hate to be a punk about this but where is todays good news update? it's already after 12:00 out here........

  23. So I’m not the most technologically savvy person in the world. Computers are gay I tell you! Simply GAY! And so are those stupid electronic gadgets that do everything except wipe ones own ass are also gay! That said, Heather and I are thinking of you often and are glad to see that you are on your way to rehab. TODAY. That is amazing. Just the other day I was talking to a friend about you and was telling him that you are the kind of bastard that will be just fine. Mark has told me that you enjoy reading these posts as well as enjoy getting jokes sent to you. Well this is not a joke, but are some words to live by.

    When the world feels to heavy on your shoulders and you feel like you are at the bottom of the food chain. Remember this - At some point in life everyone has gambled on a fart and lost.

    Think about that when you look at your rehabilitation doctors.


  24. Hey Dude!!! This is Jerry from Platteville. I just was on the phone with Lori, She told me that you have some challenges to deal with in you life at this time. After my motorcyle accident I was in a coma for over three months. I had to
    learn to walk, talk, read again. Anyways, here I am 30 years later. There is nothing you not able to handle in this life! You have awesome family and friends which is great to have by your side!
    Last time we seen you was at our place in P-ville when you where attending UWP. It seems like yesterday... Well we miss you a bunch!!! Get well soon!!! Much Luv... Jerry, Donna, and Michelle Gillman

  25. from my sister:
    My name is Mary Ann and I suffered a broken neck and had the same surgeon as you. I fully recovered and I''m sure you will too. I will pray for you.

  26. Son:

    How r u doing from Texas? Hot as u know what already. Fishing slow so hurry up and get well so we can wet a hook>

    Your ole pal

    brother DJ

  27. Its great to hear that u are doing better! Keep working hard and do not worry about the black berry, you will get a better one.
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