Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday June 14th

Andrew relaxed in bed for a while in the morning. We updated the blog and read through the comments. At 11 Andrew attended a hot topics lecture - he learned about skin care. Andrew managed to finagle a second cup holder for his wheelchair so he can rock around with a water and iced coffee. After the meeting, Andrew headed over to the apartment where we had a wonderful spaghetti lunch made by Kathy. After we all stuffed ourselves, Norm, Kathy, Mark, Rose, Andrew and I (Kalli) played a game of Tricks. It was a beautiful day out so we went across the street and sat outside of Starbucks and enjoyed a coffee. Most of our visitors left at this point and Kathy, Andrew and I headed back to RIC for dinner and conversation.


  1. sounds like a nice little sunday there hip. oh yeah i bet you get the brewer games on fsn or somethin out there since you're so close to milwaukee but just a heads up the game's on espn tonight. i'm pumped, listening to uecker on is nice but you know how hard it is to catch on on the tube out here.

  2. oh yeah forgot to mention that favre's pretty much gonna be a viking, just a matter of time. there now you got your weather (check and AGAIN from Andrew) and sports update from me today. i really can't stay focused on work today....

  3. Check out your banner, Andrew!

  4. Hey Hip,

    Glad we got to spend some time hanging out together this past weekend, but get back to work!

    Talk to you soon,

    Mark Lee

  5. I just checked out the website. How cool is that, that you have a team of people running for your wiggly (but no doubt stinky) toes! That is awesome! You have to be totally blown away with all the ways people are showing you the love out there for you, Kalli and your family.
    by the way, nice job getting a "2 cup" upgrade on the wheelchair...If my suspicions are correct next you are probably working on a kegger attachment. Don't say it hasn't crossed your mind...
    As always love and prayers to you, Kalli and your family.