Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday - June 9th

Today was a BIG day for Andrew. He was in his wheelchair for 7 + hours! His day was very busy from 11 am until 5 pm. He participated in occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech therapy. The occupational therapist created a special splint for his thumb to help him practice movement with his fingers. The speech therapist made him do math problems - the hardest part was reading his own writing, but of course he got all the answers correct! The physical therapist moved him right along to try the tilt table - this is a flat surface he lies down on and his feet rest on a plate. The object of the tilt table is to start to stand him up, forcing weight on his bones and muscles. The therapists tip the table up at increments of 15 degrees - he made it to 45 degrees, a great start! Andrew had a busy night as well - he had his first shower! He said it felt so good and was happy to be clean!

Keep the comments coming - Andrew is built up by them and it encourages him to work hard. Andrew is in a routine of reading the comments every night on his blackberry before he goes to sleep.


  1. hey hip,

    i can't believe you were able to be in your wheelchair for over 7 hours!!! the only time i've ever seen you sit/lay around for 7 hours is when you're nursing one mother of a hangover. although it sounds like this was a pretty intense workout for you. math tests and physical tests daily? damn hip, are you gonna come out of this half astronaut or what? you know you're ruining the curve for everyone else by getting a 100% your second day. i really hope you find the perfect mix of pain pills. i'm pretty sure you know this but it's tough to do much of anything when you're drowning in downers. i can't even imagine tryin to do what you're doin all hopped up horse tranquilizers or whatever they're feeding you. oh yeah, if you're reading this before you go to bed tonight i want you to dream of Kalli and how awesome she is. with her by your side there's nothing you two can't do :-)

  2. Hey Hip I am so Happy to hear that things are going well for you in rehab! Seven Hours in a wheelchair!!! Nice work Anthony and I have been checking your blog daily from Hawaii! We both miss you very much and can't wait to get down to chicago to com and see your new digs! Tell Kalli and your mom that I am happy that they found a place to live so close to you! Love you all and keep up the hard work! love Ashley and Anthony

  3. Well, I officially know that Endow is avoiding work more than I am avoiding studying. It sounds like they have some very interesting equipment there. I am sure you are already contemplating ways to modify and alter everything to serve another purpose as you usually do. Just realize that medical equipment is very make sure they appreciate your creations!!! Keep working hard buddy, it will all pay off.


  4. Lee Iacocca said, "Boys, there ain't no free
    lunches in this country. And don't go spending your whole life commiserating that you got a raw deal. You've got to say, I think that if I keep working at this and want
    it bad enough, I CAN HAVE IT. It's called
    PERSEVERANCE!" So there you go. Mind over

  5. Hey Andy,

    I can't believe you were already up in a wheelchair for 7 hours...that's awesome! It sounds like you are working really hard down there already, which is good. Joe and I are thinking of you everyday. It was so nice getting to visit with you while you were in Appleton. Hopefully we will be able to make it down to Chicago for another visit. Until then, we'll just keep reading and posting:)
    ~Haley and Joe

  6. Hi Big Tuna,

    I'm glad to hear you're doing great at the rehab center. You're on our minds and prayers daily. Keep up the great work. As Borat would say, VERY NICE....

    Sevag & Lisa

  7. Hey Andrew, So glad you are doing so well. You are in our thoughts and prayers daily and we are always anxious to read your blog to see how you are doing. Keep up the good work! Be strong! God Bless, Barb and Tom Metivier

  8. Hi Andrew,

    Everyone at the Laird Santa Fe Springs Branch wanted to say hi and send thier regards. you're on our minds. Keep up the good work.

  9. Hip-
    I have an involves your wheelchair and an old 5hp lawn mower engine I have. Think about it. I guarantee we can get that bad boy to break 55mph! Keep it up and stay strong!


  10. Hey Andrew!!!
    It's Jonathan Horan, here to wish you success down in Chicago. Sorry I was not able to see you once again before you left, but it was EXCELLENT to see you when I had the chance. Especially with Mr. Anthony Wilhelms there, as well. I'm off to Bonnaroo to get crazy for the weekend, but wanted to say hello before I left. Also, My Ma was wondering what address she could send a card to you down in Chicago. Please let us know when you get a chance.


  11. Hi Hip Hip Hooray-torator,
    Way to go on 7+ hours in the wheelchair! Looks like project "Hippert Hell" is underway. keep up the good fight. you ahve alot of cheerleaders all over the country.
    Love and prayers to you, Kalli and the rest of your entourage.
    Tari Van Hoof

  12. Oh Andrew, you are my hero! I can't believe the chutzpah, the energy and the drive! Wait, yes I can! You are young, strong, and no dummy Kiddo! I am sending all the good vibes I can, and I know Uncle Mike is too. I love hearing about your day to day activities. The rest of us are out here not working nearly as hard as you are. Like I said, MY HERO!

  13. hey hip,

    i was helpin out the old guy today at his shop and he was going on and on about his plane and how he couldn't wait to get the annual inspection and everything done so he could take it up for spin and i got to thinking.......why shouldn't we have a plane? that's about the only toy you haven't owned and he was talkin about how his cost him five stacks but you can get older used ones for a lot less. not that we're millionaires or anything but i'm sure two resourceful guys like us could work up the scratch in a few years time. i kept him going about it and i guess you can finish flight school for small aircraft in 2 years, part time (his words, not sure about that nowadays) but still i'm down to learn how to fly, how bout you? and just so you know, i'm not wasted, this is a sober idea of mine. well i'm done goin off about all that, sorry if it's a lot to read while you're nodding off.

    oh yeah crazy carl i'm not avoiding work, i'm just allergic to it. doctor recomends frequent breaks, i got the prescription ;-)

  14. Hey Andrew
    Great to hear all that you are doing. I told you that you are one strong guy, so you just keep going! Autumn Valk's mom asked how you are doing, and I saw Jim Romenesko, from Xavier, today and he wanted me to email where you are because he will be going to Chicago in a few weeks and will try and stop up to see you. Stay strong Andrew!

    Jenny Laird-New London WI

  15. Hey Andrew!

    That is awesome that you were in a wheelchair for 7 hours! I know how bad they suck, so I'm proud of you!! Still thinking about you all the time. I was cleaning my room and found 2 of your sweatshirts, I think you left one here before the baseball game a few weeks ago. Hahaha, remember us sprinting to the car after the game and then pulling up like we were VIP to get Wes with his gimp leg? I'm glad I ended up going to that game and not taking a nap like I had wanted to. I had a lot of fun. I always have a lot of fun with you. So come back so I can give you your sweatshirts back, and we can get into some more trouble. Miss you!


  16. from Aunt Mary
    My favorite memory of Chicago is the spinach stuffed pizza pie. Your mother and Kalli better start searching for the best stuffed pizza in Chicago. I've tried many spinach pizzas since my year in Chicago and I haven't found one to compare.