Monday, June 1, 2009

The Breathing Tube is OUT!

The nurse was just able to take the breathing tube out and Andrew is "chatting with Kalli" right now! The doctor checked on him and said his breathing was fantastic - This is great news for Andrew, who was quite frustrated with his inability to communicate with us! But keep praying for the miracle we need to get Andrew back on his feet.


  1. Great news!!! We are so happy for you Andrew!

    Sevag & Lisa

  2. Hey Andrew! Glad to hear you can finally talk! Keep fighting! Camilla

  3. So glad to hear!!! :)keep fighting!

    -Jordan Frakes-

  4. Great news!!!! We'll keep praying and you keep fighting! Now that the tube is out, work on wiggling those toes!

    ~Mike Kohlbeck

  5. You are soooo blessed. We are praying for a miracle!!