Sunday, June 14, 2009

Andrew's comments 6-14

So we already have three takers – Haley, Jackie, and Kara – so it sounds like we are going to have to have a humungous guacamole contest when I get back from rehab.

Bowlby – all three of the treats you brought are delicious. I had three of those cookies with my dinner last night. For me, that is a lot of sweets and says a lot about your baking abilities! Everybody has been grabbing little handfuls of puppy chow – it is a fun thing to have around. Thank you for your comments on the poster at the apartment as well. That was fun to go see. Come anytime, have a good one. Andrew.

Ta – I am really not sure what green love is, but I love you orange and teal too!

Ok, now we have pink love from Laura. So, Laura I love you brown.

Shorty – it was Friday, it is Sunday now. It would be nice to see your little shortness here in Chicago. If you ever get a chance, grab the train and come on down!

Wilcox – I saw the humongous fricken speakers you finally shared with Mark in his basement. Those things brought back a lot of memories from high school and jamming out with the band days. You are such an incredible singer, I would love for you to come and visit and serenade me here in my room. My roommate Joey has heard so much about your canary voice. He is pretty excited too!

Tari – they have already offered me a position as activity coordinator, but I respectively declined it because I plan on working for Sheffield again.

Tuan – good to hear from you and the Dam family. I don’t think I have seen you since we re-surfaced your blacktop at your quick lube. It has been a while. Thanks for the support.

Ross – I did just get a free NIKE t-shirt – so sometimes I feel like I am sponsored by them and I like that slogan to. I will continue to try to “Just Do It”. Hope everything is going well for you. I know we haven’t talked in a while. Thank you for all the support and thoughts.

Damnit Endow, you didn’t win it big? I thought for sure the Andrew Hippert Fund was going to be flowing with dough after your trip to Vegas! Nicholson?!?! That’s awesome! $2700 sounds like quite the night! I am sure it was all on popcorn and chips, maybe a couple diet cokes. You must be bloated as hell.

Much – (authors note: I really want to call you MUNCH) Don’t worry I am not much of a gambler – never have been but, I guess I would be willing to put down some money on a couple wheel chair races in say a week or two when I can get my strength back up to par – against Mark. Although, he is sitting here in my room practicing right now this doesn’t help my odds.

Shira – you wonderful little Canadian, I miss pulling off shenanigans in San Diego too.

Oh Papa Mike – how could I lose touch with my second father?? Of course we will keep talking. I always thought you would have quite the knack for fishing! Tell Kellie if she is in Stockholm, Sweden and is sick of hanging out with kids I’ve got a bunch of buddies she could meet up with that are really cool. I could get her their numbers, just let me know!

Becky – it is not stalking when you read my blog, because I want you to read it. As far as this party goes, it is actually going to be more of a “pantless” party not a pants party. So, figure out your least pantsish attire and get it ready cause when we get back the party is on! I might just mention a time and place on this blog instead of sending out invites to everyone in the world that would like to not wear pants, but most likely it will be BYOB and all the guac you can eat.

Endow – the desert is definitely a boring drive. One of the most boring drives I have ever taken. Is there more information as of late on Favre going to the Vikings, or why did you comment on that? Keep me updated!


  1. Sounds like you are doing well, I have started a job in waupaca on the chain and work during the week, looked for Mark at the AYC and saw he was in Chicago, I wanted to know how you were doing:)Were going for a record tie up on the little lake today can't wait till we see you out there again:)

    The Longs Jill and Gary

  2. Hey Andrew- Theresa and Laura here... It was good being able to talk to you last night! Dayna and Jordan both say hi- they are regular blog watchers as well. Or "blog stalkers". This morning Laura made pancakes with sprinkles in them (from scratch) and syrup (from scratch) for the kids and now they are swimming in a little pool on the deck that we filled with hot tub water. Then Laura sprayed all the kids with water while Theresa stood by and said, "no- Don't". Now Tori and Jaeden are fighting about not sharing and Theresa is threatening to go home while she washes dishes.... sounds like lots of fun you are missing, doesn't it??

    Loving you the greenest and the pinkest (I'm sure Theresa will explain) from Manitowoc,

    Your sisters.

  3. Dear girly-man-
    My daughter Grace prays every night for "Hip-man in the Hopsital and his toes." Every Tigger picture she colors is for "Hip-man in the Hopsital." Soon you will be able to paper a wall in Tigger.
    Love, Beth Mueller