Monday, June 1, 2009

Andrew's Map

The family here is creating a map for Andrew of where people are praying from. Would you please post to us where you are praying out of so we can add you to the map.
Please, keep praying for a miracle. And those toes.

In addition- we are hoping that will be out of the ICU and in his own room by tomorrow! Amazing! - Please feel free to send any notes of encouragement, cards, etc. to the hospital at:

St. Elizabeth Hospital
C/O Andrew Hippert
1506 S. Oneida Street
Appleton, WI 54915

Andrew has been talking with all of the family tonight, and has expressed that he is so happy to be alive. Keep those prayers coming - we already have prayers coming in from New Zealand, Sweden, Peru, Burundi, Spain, Kuwait, Iraq, Baghdad, and of course, the United States- Let's try to cover the WORLD!


  1. Im praying from Stevens Point and I have Luis' family praying from Cuzco, Peru, and another friend from New Zealand!

  2. Praying from Greenville. A prayer change has been started and reaches across MN, MI, IL, IN, WI with over 200 members. Wiggle the toes man!

  3. It’s so great to hear good news so soon!! We’re praying for you from down here in Hoffman Estates, IL. Move those toes my friend and move them soon, we know you will!!
    ~Lauren and Justin

  4. We're praying for wiggling toes from San Diego!
    Kristi, Rich, Katherine, and Kai

  5. Praying for the those toes to move from San Jose. Come on Hip, you can make it happen!!


  6. Paynes Point Rd. - Neenah WI

  7. The Swedes and our families are praying from San Diego, Sweden and Uruguay. Alex and her friends are praying from Barcelona too. Wiggle those toes!

  8. Rio, Madison WI and Green Valley AZ, move those toes.
    Lori and Peter

  9. The Nagel and Longs are Praying in Appleton Wi Wiggle Toes

  10. Ohoj Kapten!

    Our prayers goes out from our dear old PB in San Diego! But our prayers will keep on coming from back in Sweden too! So put that on the map too!

    And wiggle those toes for us, ho!

    We love you Big Guy!

    / Marcus & Jonathan

  11. All the way from Linkoping, Sweden!


  12. Well my know damn well I need your help driving this boat. Did you see me put on my wet suit? Get back here as soon as you can. I love you buddy and I know you are going to kick ass wakeboarding with me again.

    You have an angel!


  13. A lot of prayers from Minneapolis!

  14. I am praying for you from North Carolina! My friends and I are overjoyed that the recovery has started! Your sister Laura was in my class at Xavier and my sister Maeghan was in your class and just stood up with you in the wedding! Please know that prayers are going out all over for you! Get well Andrew!
    Erin Verhagen & NC friends

  15. Fort Rucker, Alabama, and when you can't find that, look for Enterprise, Alabama, and when you can't find that, look for Dothan. The Southeast corner of Alabama, anyway. That's where our prayers are coming from.

    Mark and Nicole Sier

  16. Andrew - Your friends at Laird in Los Angeles are thinking of you and will be waiting to see your ugly mug come strolling into the office.

    Kick some ass -

    Andy Boyle

  17. Milwaukee, Wisconsin is on board for you pal. Get those toes moving...I know you will pull through.

    Mike Gajdostik

  18. hey hippert! im praying for you from kimberly wisconsin.. im soo glad to hear all the great news! keep it coming! im glad to hear you are in such good spirits and im not surprised at all :) move those toes!!

  19. Prayers coming from Dayton, Ohio.

  20. Arghh Hippert! Its Nathan and Michelle here in Big Sky Montana and you know as well as I do that you are gonna sail through these rough seas. Green Island is waiting for us and I will bring the corn on the cob!

  21. I also know that there are many prayers coming from Appleton, Wisconsin as well!

  22. Andrew,
    We are so HAPPY to hear of the great progress. We continue to pray for a copmlete recovery from head to TOE!
    Mauthe's in East Lyme, CT

  23. Appleton Branch of People of Praise is continuing to pray for MORE miracles!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Hip Dog - praying for you from Nashville, TN. Wiggle the toes!

    Chris & Kris Schneider

  25. Sending prayers from Phoenix, AZ...
    You're in my thoughts & prayers! Be strong! Take each moment, each day one at a time...and, move those toes!
    -Gina Vandenberg

  26. Many people are praying for you Andrew here in South Bend Indiana.

    Katy Lee Connor

  27. Hipps, I'm prayin for you from Albuquerque, NM buddy... Stay positive, I know you're gonna be fine buddy!! My mom works pet therapy at St. E's and she's gonna bring my pup in to visit you this week for some four legged love man! Next time I see you, we'll be out on your boat back in beautiful San Diego bay... Stay strong

  28. Andrew, I am so proud of you. You are so strong--it's such an inspiration to us all! I am praying from Eau Claire, WI. Move those toes! Teale

  29. Andrew, you know we're praying for you in SD. My parents are praying for you in San Francisco as well. Esteban is calling me everyday to see how you are too. You have so many friends here that love you and can't wait to see you back here. Stay strong. WE LOVE YOU!!!
    -Stef (Step)

  30. Andrew, it sounds like you're making amazing progress. Keep it up and get those toes wiggling! This is Stefanie's family from No. California (Cathy,Rich and Kevin)and we are all praying for you. Cathy's coffee group is praying for you also.

  31. Blazers from AppletonJune 1, 2009 at 5:41 PM

    keep up the fight!! praying for you from the moment we found out.. Blazers from appleton

  32. We are praying from Cape Coral. Move those toes and then the rest.
    Tim, Patty Peter & Grady

  33. Hey Andrew,

    preying for you Dude!!!

    keep going with these good progress please!!!

    Ciao ciao Giulio

  34. Hip-

    A lot of prayers coming from St. Paul, MN.
    Move those toes!


  35. Andrew,

    You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Tuohy and Ron Dworak

  36. praying for you from Denver, CO! come on down to see me, and you can work on moving those toes! :) so impressed with you and kalli's strength, you both are such a amazing people.

  37. Prayers from the Bartz family in the Goodwin Village.

  38. PRAYERS REIGNING UPP FROM CHARLOTTE,NC!! Hippert you have the heart of a warrior, your inner strength and positive attitude will have those toes moving in no time!


  39. Hey Andrew,

    You got my prayers from Perth, Australia.
    Keep on fighting!


  40. Andrew,

    I am a good friend of Theresa's and have been praying for you non stop. Stay strong and know we are all praying for you.

    Nicole Karan
    Newport, MN

  41. Keeping you in my prayers,been thinking about you all day and night, stay strong brotha. Love you, hope to see ya soon back in San Diego!! Going to hold down the fort till you get back.

    Marcel Childress

  42. Andrew,
    Please know that we are thinking of you and praying for you in Little Chute. We are the family of Gina Vandenberg (Xavier classmate) and my brother, Paul (Margie) Bongers, are friends with your parents through their prayer group. Stay positive! In my opinion, you were blessed to have been in the hands of Dr. Yazbak. God Bless!

    Bill, Christie Wydeven and Scott Vandenberg

  43. Wiggling my toes all day long hoping yours will follow suit. Sending positive thoughts and encouragement to you and yours. Keep it up buddy, you'll get there.

    -Drew Zoromski
    -Thinking about Andrew, the Hipperts and everyone else from Samarinda, Indonesia

  44. Homosassa, Florida
    Live Oak, Florida

  45. Andrew, You are in our thoughts and prayers in Minneapolis. Sending lots of positive energy your way. Move those toes!
    Love, Cousin Kelli, Colin and Aiden

  46. The Skalla's in Appleton and Milwaukee are thinking of you and sending you positive vibes! Stay Strong!!!!
    Gerry & Megan Skalla

  47. Andrew,

    We are praying for you from Big Lake, Minnesota (Northwest of the Twin Cities). My family and I started praying for you when Theresa called me at 6am Sunday morning. We are sending you lots of love and positive thoughts!! We are praying for those toes to wiggle!!

    Jill, Kwame, Aliyah, Lamont, Keegan & Liam Agyekum

  48. Andrew -

    We don't even know you, but you will remain in our daily prayers till you have recovered.

    Hang in there and keep those toes moving.

  49. Andrew
    The Bostic's are praying for a quick and full recovery. Stay positive!

    Jeff, Deb and McKenzie Bostic
    Sammamish, WA

  50. Ann Arbor, Michigan!

  51. Hayward, CA

    Prayers comming from the people Andrew works with out here in NorCal, his friends at Calsak Plastics/Hayward, CA. God be with you and your family, and also with your doctors and nurses. We will see you soon Andrew!

    Bud Clapper

  52. Hippert & Kalli-
    My prayers are with you both during this very difficult time. I wish you both the strength to get through this and come out with a full recovery.
    Prayers from New York, NY
    -Amy Schaefer

  53. Our prayers are with Andrew.
    Eric, Raechel and Deric Logan

  54. We've got your toes on our minds in Milwaukee!! Can't stop thinking of you and praying for you...


  55. Phoning one in from Fond du Lac, WI

    Wiggle those toes homes.

    Mark Lee

  56. Another prayer from Milwaukee can't hurt anything. I haven't stopped since I heard the news. When I become a certified Occupational Therapist I'll keep you on your toes (no pun intended ;-)). I hope OT for you is as amazing as I think it is. WIGGLE WIGGLE

    Nikki Bolwerk

  57. You will be in our prayers every day Andrew.

    Billy & Tina Corn, Rialto, CA

  58. Stay strong buddy...

    Michael Bootz

    Green Bay, WI

  59. wiggling my toes and keeping my fingers crossed for your's in Minneapolis, MN


  60. Our thoughts and prayers are with Andrew and the Hippert family.

  61. Andrew, our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during your recovery.

    Patrick & Christine Warner
    Ingleside, ON

  62. Andrew, you have been in our prayers!

    Columbus Ohio
    Carlos & Cheryl Lima

  63. Andrews, I'm praying for you from Anahiem, CA. Those toes are gonna wiggle.
    Clayton Prescott

  64. My friend is praying for you in Sheffield, family is too in Fort Worth, Texas and Fond du lac, WI so you can add those to the map too! And i'm sure you already have Milwaukee and Sturgeon Bay to the map, but if not, mark it!

  65. Hippert, my prayers are coming from Door County, WI! Stay strong bud!
    Chris Hunsberger

  66. Our prayers are with you my friend.


  67. Everybody says "Stay strong." I say try sillystuff! Toes ARE important. They are also funny. My big one keeps trying to go numb. NO way, I say...."This little piggie goes to dancin school; this little piggie goes along; this little piggie likes to cha cha; his brother writes a new song. And this little piggie, rocks all the way home!" Hear the music, find that beat,
    Let Blessed energy flow to those feet! Amen
    Andrew, the twinkle in your eye when you talk to your beloved--send it on down to each toe. It is just a tiny little movement, but enough repetition, and you have something happening-barely visible at first.
    But what power in the idea, thought, intent, affection, and response. Your profound gratitude is opening the gate for so much, "Yes, yes," response through your whole body. The Lord Who created you, has spared you, IS repairing you. Yours is an amazing story. Coach those toes and be patient with them. But make them mind. They just might humor you with a twinkling response---then an outright wiggle. I don't take any of my body parts for granted anymore. Anger can only drive a person so far. Humor heals. Healing humor is always faith-based. I gather you already know that from what I've read. Keep the faith--You are going to win, one little piggie at a time--even if you are a kind of "Whole Hog" kinda action person. Praying seriously from deep in the heart of TEXAS

  68. Hey Andrew,
    Just wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers daily. You are so blessed to have so many people praying for you and I know God will answer our prayers. Be strong and keep fighting!
    Barb and Tom Metivier

  69. Hey Andrew--

    I've been reading your blog and praying for you everyday! You are showing such strength. Keep fighting!!!! God Bless
    -- prayers from Columbia, SC

    Erin Gallagher (xavier classmate)

  70. Andrew,
    Have been reading your blog ever since Fred Smith in So. Bend sent out a plea for prayers. Of course, I am lifting you up also. Your spirit reminds me of one of my sons, lots of spirit and a great positive attitude.
    So, know that prayers are coming from Decatur, IL. I am Sue Smith's sister, Rosie

  71. Thinking of you from Senegal!
    Take care Andrew!


  72. You are amazing, have been reading your blog since last June and I have never heard of a more determined person in all my life! You have come a long, long way and I truly believe that one day soon you will walk without assistance. You will never know how much encouragement you have given to others. Keep up the great work, God is blessing you each day.
    Thinking of you and praying for you in Decatur, IL
    Rosie Harris