Thursday, June 4, 2009

Video for Andrew

Hello Everyone- we are asking your help, yet again!

Mark Lee is going to be making a nice video for Andrew using short video clips (if we can get some) and still shots. We are looking for some great pictures of Andrew doing things that he loves- memorable activities or events that would provide motivation for Andrew during therapy. We want to be able to show him all the things that he is going to be working hard to do again! We'll try to use as many of the pictures you send that we can- and they do not have to be recent. While Andrew loves to party, we are not necessarily looking for those photos, even though we all have so many. So if you have something that you think would be motivational for Andrew- please e-mail the photo (or video clip if possible) to Mark at Thanks!


  1. Hip you like to party???? and it's been photodocumented by your hundreds of friends and family? this is news to me bud........Anyways since i don't have a sailboat (yet) and i know that's way up there on your "Favorites" list i guess i could go down to Alamitos Bay or Long Beach Harbor and sneak on to one of the gorgeous 40ft+ sailboats docked there and shoot a quick vid to keep you spirits up. If you've seen Step Brothers you know it's all about boats and hos!!! Keep your head up Hip or you won't see all the good things coming your way.

  2. I'm worse than my dog when it comes to worrying something to the bone! I checked with my Nurse Direct sister (in the Chicago area) and she said the #1 spot for rehab is the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. 345 E. Superior, Chicago 60611. Phone number: 1.800.354.7342. They also have a website: Please check it out.
    -Marcie and Mariposa

  3. quick update for the map Hip,

    my mom has some colleagues working with autistic kids in Turkey and after they heard your story they couldn't wait to be included in the prayer circle. so get up off you ass and put Turkey on the map, we're taking this global baby :-)

  4. Andy! good to hear every day is better than the day before. Scott wants me to ask...what Packer games are you going to this year? Can't wait for the season and looking forward to seeing you there!
    So proud of you for remaining so strong.
    Definitely want to see you when we are able!
    Much love!
    Robyn and Scott

  5. I'm not sure if I have any safe pictures or video clips...and those I did have are on the computer that got fried when our house got hit by lightning. But I'll see if I have any from the younger days, I know I did have some stuff somewhere...

    You are in my thoughts and prayers every day, keep fighting.

    Mark Sier

  6. So Mark filled me in on the story of your birth year "mishap" on your ID. Why doesn't everyone do that? Smart guy! I never realized we had the exact same birthday either, we better have a sweet party next year!! Take care, we are thinking of you a lot!!!


  7. hey man.
    i'm excited to hear about where you decide to go for rehab. i've been planning trips to both chicago and colorado, so either way it'd be great to add you to our plans!
    on sunday, i went through some pictures and found some of you/us. i'll see about forwarding those on to mark. we have BIG smiles in basically all of em! heehee. remember the new years eve party at gonnerings? it was a "non-drinking" party if you recall, bc of those who were still in HS. but that didn't work out so well for some..... and then we all ended up at george's -no surprise :) i have a picture of you wrapped up in xmas lights doing some dance moves! it's great! and a hilarious one of you, me, and a very boozied amber. fun AND FUNNY times!!!
    hope to see and/or talk to you soon! i should send you a very tricky card to occupational healthercize with :) i'll see what i can do.
    mucho thoughts and prayers!

  8. Hippert I was driving down the road today and saw some crazy mountain person rockin a John Deere rider. It was nothing compared to the long adventure trail treks we took up at the barn over to the neighbors and into the woods back to the barn we go, but it did spark some good memories of a great lawn mower adventure or two we may have shared together. Keep it up man and you will be back on that Deere in no time.


  9. Andrew! I'm sending you EVERY possible picture I can that involves you...sailing trips, bowling night, white trash, nite owl, SD Sharks, and probably a ton more! I hope you enjoy looking through them. I'm even sending you the pics from the night that we went out after the SD Sharks first game. Remember we went back to Stan's and Kalli was making us all food, and I was rolling around on the ground for some reason (alcohol probably had something to do with it) and Stan poured water on my crotch so it looked like I pee'd myself. You should feel REALLY special that I'm sending you those because I won't let ANYONE see those. Thinking and praying for you everyday. Love you lots and lots!

    -STEP :)

  10. from Aunt Mary
    It's a very simple operation
    A man was wheeling himself frantically down the hall of the hospital in his wheelchair, just before his operation. A nurse stopped him and asked, "What's the matter?"

    He said, "I heard the nurse say, 'It's a very simple operation, don't worry, I'm sure it will be all right.'"

    "She was just trying to comfort you, what's so frightening about that?"

    "She wasn't talking to me. She was talking to the doctor!"

  11. Do you remember the time I took you to the barn with me and tried to teach you to ride a horse? Thaaaaaaaaat would have made a seriously good video! (I almost forgot about that, but I just randomly thought of it today) Hahah, though in all fairness, your numerous attempts to teach me to sail had about the same success rate :)

    Michelle Hogler

  12. Glad to hear you are doing well. Wish your family and friends would have been as thoughtful to other people in the ICU waiting room at ST. E's as everyone is being to you. But yes, our loved one is also out of ICU and doing well, but that's right, nobody ever cared to ask why we were there or what was going on with our family, only kept asking "Do you have somebody in ICU?" DUH?!?!? Do you think that's why we were in the ICU waiting room? "I'm sure you've heard our story" was the next statement we kept hearing. Let's see, ICU waiting room, anxiousness and worried all add up to wanting a little peace and quiet which was not to be had in the ICU waiting room. We understand that your family and friends were also very worried and concerned about you. But they had time to initiate a donation "Hotline" where the rest of us have to pay our own medical expenses. Hopefully next time you decide to dive into the swimming pool, it won't be under the influence.

    Here's to better days ahead for you!