Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday June 28th

Sundays are probably the easiest going, quietest days here at the RIC. I woke up around six, thoroughly in pain, for I no longer take any pain medication throughout the night. So, I immediately requested one of my narco's to ease the pain. Maggie came in quickly and dosed me up. Shortly after I feel back asleep until about 7:30. Then, I began trying to get myself oriented. My breakfast came around 8 o'clock so I requested my knife and foam handle for my fork so that I could begin cutting up my french toast and throw it down. Shortly after I was done eating Kalli and her parents showed up and we all sat and talked for a while. Our goal for the morning was to get down to the beach and enjoy the beautiful waterfront Chicago has to offer. Kalli and I wanted to get a little blogging in to try to catch up so her parents decided to go and figure out the best way to wheel down to the beach. We blogged for about an hour, got dressed and out of bed so that we could go and meet Kalli's parents outside.

We followed the new route that they had figured out. Basically, we went behind the 680 building to a ramp about three blocks away that goes under the road and to the beach. It didn't take long at all and we were sitting front row seats in the grass to the entire beach. Boats slowly gathered, mooring one after another in the water about fifty yards out from the beach. People were sunbathing, reading, running and biking everywhere around us, it created a pretty neat atmosphere to just sit back and relax. To the right of us stretched out the beautiful Lake Michigan and off to our left the edge of downtown's expanding skyline. The entire waterfront of Chicago has been quite neatly created into a park and aquatic play land for people to exercise and enjoy.

After about an hour and a half of people watching and great conversation we headed to the apartment to make some lunch. With out apartment being about half way between RIC and the beach it was just about two and a half blocks away. We flew up the speedy elevators of the McClurg building where Kalli and my mom have become best buds. In the apartment there was hoards of food, taco makings, guacamole, two or three different pasta salads, and also the fixings for a Hippert family favorite radish sandwiches. I am sure many of you have never had a wonderful radish sandwich - so why don't I explain how to make one so you can all run out and get the fixings. It is very simple. You toast some white bread, spread on mayo (Helmans is my choice) on each piece of toast, then you thinly slice some nicely cleaned radishes and layer them on in a nice assortment, one to two thick. Then you sprinkle the spread of radishes with just a touch of salt to take the bite away. Place the second piece of toast on top and enjoy! I have even seen people, like Kalli, that don't particularly enjoy radishes ask for seconds! So, I filled my plate with a wonderful radish sandwich that Kalli prepared for me and a pile of one of my favorite recipes that Kalli's mom makes called Summer Salad. It mostly consists of cauliflower, broccoli and bacon. Rose, Todd, Mary, Kalli and myself all had our fill and then decided it was time to get me back to RIC for another dose of meds.

It was wonderful having Kalli's mom and dad around while my mother took the weekend off. But, it was time for them to depart and catch the train. So, we said our goodbyes and they were off to hail a taxi. Once I got back, my roommate Joey reminded me we had a recreational therapy session with Mike, the activity coordinator. So, I got dosed up and we headed up to the ninth floor where they have their activity room. On the agenda today was simply playing some pool. I mageivered up a velcro strap fastened to my hand to attach to the already affixed velcro strips on the end of the pool stick. It helps me a lot to hold the stick with my weak ass grip. Mike, Joey and I racked up some cut throat and began knocking each others balls around. Joey won the first game and the fun went on and on. Once we had our fix of playing pool we headed down to my room to get some more blogging in, again in order to catch up for we really did let ourselves get behind.

After we got in about a half a day of blogging, a handful of my friends all returned for another visit. Teale, her husband Kevin, Ashley, Anthony, Crazy Carl and Maeghan all came storming in to my room. We began telling stories and reminiscing which turned in to a loud thunder of about five people talking at once. So, I decided why don't we take this out of my little room, so that my roommate can hear himself talk to his mom and head to the canary room where we can all have a little more space. Plus, I really wanted to put together my new toy, a mini Foosball table that Kalli's parents got for me. Once we got in the canary room we ripped open the box and assembled the table. Crazy Carl did most of it, for my hands are kind of weak and Anthony has a humongous cast still on his hand from surgery. Once all put together, Kevin and I began a fierce game of foos. We went back and forth, neck and neck the whole game. But then, when it counted, right at the end I suckered schooled three goals on him, one after another to finish it in glory! All of a sudden I realized that it was after 5 and time to get some chow. So, Kalli and I headed down to the cafeteria to use my voucher for dinner. The pickins were more than slim this Sunday evening, so bad that I decided I want to just head to McDonalds and go get me a Big N' Tasty. So, Anthony, Crazy Carl, Kalli and I all headed to the McDonalds about a block and a half away. We got in there and ordered our food to go so that we could come back and eat with everyone back in the canary room.

When we got back they were playing foosball and all just sitting around and chatting. So, I proceeded to open my food and get my eat on. Meanwhile, everyone decided they really needed to get going to catch the next train back to Milwaukee. So we all said goodbye and there were hugs all around until next time. Once everyone was gone I finally got the chance to open my McDonalds burger box with my wonderful Big N' Tasty. To my disappointment, I opened the lid and there sat not a Big N' Tasty but a Big N' Fishy - some sort of disgusting square fish laying on a bun. My gosh I have been swimming and fishing so many times and have never seen a square fish just swimming around. But, somehow or another McDonalds manufactures millions of these special square fish. I was truly disappointed in this colossal mistake, the non-english speaking cashier made. So, Kalli, being the absolute sweetheart that she is offered to run back and get the Big N' Tasty that was rightfully mine. Meanwhile, I decided I would jump into bed and eat my food there when she returned.

After pounding down the real Big N' Tasty, not the disgusting Big N' Fishy I got the first time, I sat back satisfied and Kalli and I began to blog again. This session of blogging finally got us all caught up and back to our normal schedule of just one a day. I promise within the next two days I will do an Andrew speaks again, but for now I hate to make Kalli's fingers type another single word after the probably nine pages we wrote throughout the day today. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend for I certainly did. With over a dozen visitors and a fun filled weekend I am ready bust ass and begin another week of therapy. Keep you informed and talk to you tomorrow! Goodnight.


  1. Hey there Hippert,

    I just got back and the first thing I did was check the blog, because I feel completely clueless unless I know what happening with my buddy in Chicago.

    The trip was awesome.  I went on a 34’ with triple 300 HP’s.  Not too shabby.

    Sounds like you are making some awesome progress.  I was impressed with the progress you made in the four days between my last visits; I can’t wait to see the progress you’re making now, the next time I get down there.

    Let the wheel chair wheelie competition begin.  That is awesome!
    You'll have to show me the curb trick too.

    I talk about you constantly.  Most of the time I’m telling people that it’s YOUR attitude that helps ME keep going.  I am in tears anytime I’m reminded of your will, determination, ability to celebrate any successes, and ability to power though any situation no matter how difficult.  You are a role model for so many of us.

    OK gotta get myself back together here.  Things are going well planning the golf outing, but we need to get more people signed up on the evite (link from the main page of the blog).  We also want people to know that even if you’re not a golfer plan on joining us in the afternoon for some fun.  Spread the word and sign up on the evite!

    Talk to you soon,
    Mark Lee

  2. Hi Andrew,

    I was so happy to hear that Kurt, Dennis and Ken visited you, I wish I could have been there. My God your blog is incredible and I download and save every day. What amazing progress you are making and I know that with your positive attitude, you will continue to amaze everyone around you. I plan on calling John Skalla and finding out all about the visit, how nice that Kelly came too.

    I plan on trying to call you next week, so I hope you will be available. What would be the best time to try and call you?

    Hope Kalli and your Mom are doing well. God Bless Andrew and stay strong.

    Papa Mike

  3. Hey Hip,
    Been checking up on you but you were too busy progressing and visiting with all of your fans! How wonderful is that?! As much as I missed reading the update I am glad you were out THAT'S progress!
    Sounds like you have wondeful PT people but I think they are a reflection of you. You are probably awesome to work with beause you are so positive and you give it your all, so that makes it enjoyable for everyone...and i'm sure they are as excited as you when you accomplish your goals. (as am I, and a thousand of your closest blogging fans.)
    I am so happy that you got to 90 degrees...standing up!... on the tilt board...Now that's amazing! I see a Johnny jump-up in your "not so distant" future! (Keep that dart gun close by so you are ready. You do remember the plan, right?)
    Sorry to hear about your imitation "Big N Tasty". Not surprised to hear that Kalli, your Earth Angel, made the square fishy go away. I laughed out loud when I read that in your blog.
    As a matter of fact you really do a great job sharing your "day in the life of Andrew Hippert" on your blog. We are ALL being educated right along with you. Thank you for sharing all the good the bad and the ugly details of your rehab! I'm thinking you should write a "How To" book or something. ( I realize it's one more thing you will have to squeeze in along with the Olympics you were asked to be in the day you went sailing)!
    Got a busy day tomorrow so I should get to bed before 3 am.
    As always, love and prayers...

  4. Andrew, please keep the daily updates coming. they are part of my routine now'
    Sylvie and I were talking about you and decided that TLC should make your life a reality show. You could get paid the big bucks like Jon and Kate. No, wait, their life is a disaster. Nevermind.
    You are my hero

  5. Hi Andrew -- what a nice surprise to wake up my computer and be able to read about how your relaxing Sunday went.

    (Yesterday I got caught up on your Friday and Saturday blogs!) I am overwhelmed that you are making these updates such a priority! They really really mean a lot to me and all the other fans.

    Ditto to the comments of the other blog responders today!

    Don't be surprised to see a couple of your Manitowoc fans show up this week ... Paul and Jim are waiting for a rainy day so they can leave the car washes alone to visit you!

    I just sent you an email with a link to a company that sells contact lens inserters... was going to order them all for you, but I guess your OT can evaluate what's best.

    Take care. You're on my mind constantly and I am SO inspired by your attitude toward life... and also proud to be your godmother!
    Love, (Aunt) Maureen
    PS Loved your comments about how much you appreciate your mom ... they brought tears to my eyes. It was lovely visiting with her yesterday... amidst all her beautiful flowers on the deck of the cabin.

  6. Andrew and Kalli- it was so great seeing you! I loved chatting, hilarious! It was really neat to see RIC, also- what a cool setting being downtown and so close to the water. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself at "wheelchair funland" at the same time you're getting stronger and getting back your functions.
    Have you had a chance to check out american moustache?!? Heh. Probably not, sounds like you had a super fun and busy weekend........... The next time you have a couple hour window and you're bored, you could just keep going and going w/ you tube "gravitas" comedy. It's super funny! We'll burn a copy of Loose Cannons and send it your way also. You'll laugh for sure! Speaking of........we went to Hangover on Saturday. You're right, that movie is frickin hilarious!
    And how about maybe a copy of Murderball? You said Joey gave you the book, right? Let me know if you have interest in the movie, I'll grab you a copy! I might watch it first though.......sloppy seconds, sorry.
    Have a great week!!! Keep working on your wheelies- man, you made me sooo nervous when you did one in your room, I thought for sure you were gonna topple backward! I underestimated your brute strength...those ted hoes can throw it off. ;) jk
    Lots o love your way-

  7. Your the man Hippert! Did you see any playboy bunnies walking down the street when you were on your lil adventure?

  8. Hey Hippert,

    I just wanted to echo Mark's earlier words about getting teary-eyed with your progress and your attitude. Ashley and I were watching pretty closely while you and Joey were wrestling around on that mat, working on getting your legs up there. I know this was a new thing for you but you did so amazingly well and so determined to do it yourself. It really was awesome and got me a little teary. Of course you put an end to that pretty quickly when you starting yelling at the PT for wanting to put your shoes on for you. "How am I ever going to learn if you always do it for me?!?!" Ashley and I were cracking up from that one!

    It was great to see you again. I was telling Kalli that you looked so much better than you had just one week earlier when I saw you. You're doing so great and I know everyone following the blog is so proud of you.

    Keep staying strong and we'll all keep praying!


    Oh, and Mark, it was nice seeing you too. : )