Friday, June 5, 2009

More Comments From Andrew

Jaci - You missed the best part of that story. We went through rebottling and bottling four cases of ting full of booze leaving most about half and half. Mr. Gonnering was very skeptical when we came with the four cases of Ting and requested to try one. Our eyes got big when he grabbed a purple bottle- but luckily it was a non-alcohol bottle! That party turned out great.

Luke - Thanks for the magazine- my mom opened the box for me. Also, I'll hold you to that date.

Huran - Thanks for coming and rubbing my feet with magic Carrie Potter oil.

Endow - It's actually boats and hoes, Stef and Tam and Jess.

Aunt Mary - Keep 'em coming.

Haley and Joe - Thanks so much for bringing the guac and JD's, even though a cheese curd almost got stuck in my throat, but it's all good.

Jonathon and Angie - It wasn't a a delivery driver next to us, it was a van full of Miller Electric workers coming from the game. And yes, Bob was in my parent's shower saying "Turn off the Packer experience" over and over.

Carlos - Take you for support you great little Guatemalan.

Ronnie - You are sick and you would know Bruno.

Bill - Yeah, working with Clay can be quite the experience, Clay likes to use a lot of paint sometimes. Clay - Remember when you dumped a whole tray down the side of 55th in Milwaukee. There is definitely a fine line between too little or too much paint. Good luck with those drips Bill.

Murph - You have humongous toes.

Nathan and Mike - We are still taking a sailing trip this summer so start figuring out a good weekend.


  1. i owe someone an apology for my last post. this popped up immediately afterwards. my bad, i'll be more patient next time :-)

  2. Hey Andrew -

    Just checking in to see how you are doing today. Glad to hear the progress - thank you Hipperts for doing such a great job at keeping us all updated.

    I was just thinking how you used to come up and visit Theresa at UW-Stout. So many years ago (not that I want to give away Ta's or my age)- you must have been about 7 or 8. You certainly had all of us "older women" wrapped around your little finger.

    I was wondering if Ta was going to make the gaucamole - I think hers is the best - sometimes in college I think that is what we survived on (just not flan right Ta!?)

    We are all thinking about you here in Big Lake, MN. You keep getting stronger and healthier and fight, fight, fight!

    Peace & Blessings ~

    Jill, Kwame, Lamont, Aliyah, Keegan & Liam Agyekum

  3. Hippert family -
    Please know that Andrew is in our daily prayers. It sounds as though Andrew will be heading to Chicago. Please let us know what we can do. I am work in downtown Chicago everyday, as well - we live only a hop skip and a jump outside of the city. We want to make sure Andrew knows he has family close by and that we are happy help him whenever and with whatever he needs. When you have more information on needing a place, let me know - I would be happy to put some "feeler's" out. Otherwise, people are always welcome to stay with us. We have plenty of room - and the train/car ride in/out of city to our house is quite easy. Just let us know when you know more and we'll get to work and do all we can to help out on our end.

    -David Denor (Hippert Cousin)

  4. Hi –
    Andrew and your family have been in our thoughts and prayers. What a miracle he is making the recovery that he is … the power of prayer! Please let Andrew know that the whole Denor clan is keeping him in our prayers and thoughts – I can tell from his blog that he has a lot of good friends around him! Please do not hesitate to call if you need anything!! Not sure where Chicago RIC is located but David works in downtown Chicago and I know he would be willing to do whatever he can to help out.

    Maria McDermott (Hippert Cousin)

  5. HAHAHA! oh yeah! close call, whew!
    remember how we got found out though? when amber puked in their beautifully fancy front foyer? OOPS. that was the end of that party. I definitely recall GET THAT GIRL OUT OF HERE!
    you obviously have a great memory, correcting and elaborating on all of these posts! It'd be so hilarious to think back to some of those parties and other festivities and reminisce :)
    Love seeing your posts back, bytheway. Keep em coming!

  6. i cant wait for another sailing trip! the boat just went in to water today and it fired right up. i will be puting the mast up some time in the next couple days. we will be sailing in no time!!!


  7. Hi Andrew, Great news about the rehab center being so close to your family. The blog they have put together is fantastic and a wonderful way to keep up with your progress. Our prayers continue and remember you promised to take me sailing again, and I am going to hold you to that.

    Have a safe trip tomorrow and know that I love you like a son.

    Mike (Papa Mike)

  8. Hang in there my kindergartener. I'm praying for you.


  9. Hello Andrew, Dr. Suess is gone. And I wanted to let you know that the Golden Flame is not the same. Take care of yourself, and glad to hear things are looking up. Hang in there buddy.

    Jim Krafta