Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Nondate

Hey Everyone - while I don't have any updates, I thought I'd give everyone a "nondate". Andrew has been working on his therapy and sleeping today. While this doesn't sound like anything as exciting as waking up from his accident with no brain damage or getting through surgery like a champ- sleep and therapy are the most important things right now! We are so proud of him and obviously still need your prayers. Andrew will probably be making a decision tonight regarding his rehabilitation tonight so we should have some more solid news tomorrow.

On the positive side, because Andrew is doing well in the ICU- There may be a chance of a regular room tomorrow!! (He's sick of the view and bored!)


  1. Weather Update: It HAILED in La Jolla today. Of course it happened while I was on my lunch and walking around the shops. The sky literally just opened up and dumped rain and hail. We got three flashes of lightening and a bunch of thunder.

  2. Hey Hip,

    Just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you, Kalli, and your family. Ronnie and I are going to come see you soon but keep working hard till then.

    Brian Banas

  3. Hey Hippert,
    Just wanted let you know that the whole crew from the old Bartlett house is thinking healing thoughts for you. Everyone was devistated to hear this news but I know you'll rock through it, if anyone could its you man!

    -Nathan and all the old Bartlett house hippies

  4. Hey Hip, keep working hard on the therapy. Wherever you choose to do your rehab we will all find a way there to visit!! Just think how buff you will be with all the working out.


  5. Hey Andrew...I don't normally like to let anyone go with me on my very early morning jaunt but you just happened to "show up" the past couple of mornings so I brought you along. I very much enjoyed your company and if there is something to be said for the power of prayer and positive thinking, you are well on your way.

    Sounds like you have some tough choices to make. I wish you faith and strengh as you make these difficult decisions and do what is best for you.

  6. Wherever you choose to go for therapy...go where it is THE BEST. This is one time when you will not want to wish you had chosen better. Your friends will visit you wherever you are and with your shining personality you will only make more friends no matter where you end up! We will pray you make the right decision. Tari and Dave Van Hoof

  7. Hey Andrew,

    I'm a friend of your sister Laura and am thinking of her and the family every day. I couldn't help but read some of your other comments and feel a bit slighted. It's not fair that Brian's last name isn't Bananas. Banas feels like such a "cop out."

    When I first saw his name, I got all excited. "This dude's last name is BANANAS!" Now, I just feel let down.

    Anyway, thinking of your family and praying for the very best. Laura seems to think you're pretty amazing; and I think she's pretty amazing.

  8. Hey you! It's Stef, Jess and Tam. Wanted to say we are thinking about you all the time. We miss you!!! We keep thinking we're gonna see you at your desk, flipping us off when we go to the Pacific but you're not there, which is really weird. You need to come back! Me (Stef) and Tam were talking about the night you piled EVERYTHING from the swedes apartment on JT because he was so hammered earlier today. That night was NUTS! I remember being so thankful you were in the car Andrew! Between Guillermo and JT dragging me out of the bowling alley by my hands and ankles and then covering my eyes as I was driving 75 mph on the freeway, you were the one in the back telling them how nice it was of me to drive and not to cover my eyes so we don't die on the way home. Then when we got home and JT passed out, and Guillermo fell down the stairs or something. I was wayyyyy too sober for you guys. So I go home, and like 15 min later, you come knocking at my door and you're SO excited about something. You dragged me to the Swedes and I still laugh about what I saw. Guillermo's like half on the couch, half on the floor, passed the hell out and JT has EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING from their apt on top of him. (papers, kitchen chairs, plates, clothes, etc) Meanwhile, you're having a photo shoot in front of this massive pile looking like a kid in toys are us. I remember telling you and Mirsu that I had NO part in this and went back home. Or what about the time where you called me at like 2 am to pick you up because you were in Mission Beach and had done a bit of partying. As I'm leaving to come get you, you pull up in a cab. I walked with you to your apt and asked you what you did that night. You told me you were at bible school studying the bible and that you weren't drunk. Then you tell me you're going to go swimming. I'm trying to distract you and sneak off to my place cuz I KNEW you were going to come up to my apt and wake everyone up. Like I suspected, you follow me home. I tell you that it's fine that you're at our place as long as you don't wake anyone up. You sit there calmly and reassure me that you will behave. Not but 2 seconds later, you bolt down the hall, bust the door to Tam's room open and totally eat s*** and fall over Howie's cage (making it collapse in the process). You nearly gave Tam (& Howie) a heart attack. Then you jump in Tam's bed and start flipping her up in the air like a rag doll. We're sitting here crying from laughing so hard just thinking about that story. I'll keep thinking of stories to tell you (I'm sure there's TONS). In the mean time, just remember we all love you. Can't wait to see you back in SD!

    LOVE, Stef (plus Jess & Tam)

  9. a new room?!?!? exciting things are happening hip. first level 2 foods now maybe a better view? see if the penthouse suite is available, you deserve it. keep fighting hip or i'll come fight you :-)