Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday June 19th

So, they got me up earlier than normal, for we switched my schedule so I wouldn't be having classes before 9 because it was a little difficult for me to get my bearings for 7:30 and 8 o'clock classes. Anyways, somehow they scheduled me for 8 o'clock PT where I practiced stretching my legs in bed. Carey, my PT, came in and worked me really hard. Now, I'm not sure if what I was doing was really that hard or if just attempting anything right away only twenty minutes after waking up, just wears me out instantly. But, after she was done with a half hour of stretching with me I was thoroughly tuckered out. At the end of the session she helped me get in my chair and I wheeled over to the canary room to have a little breakfast before my next hands group session.

On Fridays, hands group is called Fun Friday and they try to just do something a little more fun. So, the four of us in the group rocked out a little bit of UNO. I won the first game, of course and during the second game one of the four players actually began having some stomach tightness and needed some attention and she dropped out. The three of us continued to play and we ran out of time with Charlie, this older gentleman, and myself only having two cards left - so the second game was really up in the air. But, if I was willing to bet, I probably would have won that one too!

So after dominating games of UNO I didn't even have to move from the table I was at, Diane, my OT, came right to me and we started her session. I did some more core abdomen strengthening with a neat technique of basically stretching out my arms and placing my hands on a towel on the table. She then had me lean forward as far as I could and move in different directions using my abdomen to bring me back and forth. This too was a good exercise and I could feel it working my core.

When we were through I did one or two laps just to kill a little bit of time because I had a half hour open between sessions. Next, was our wonderful OT exercise group. Today we jammed out to James Brown, which was a nice change of pace for Stacy usually picks this annoying elevator/techno/African drums music. I moved up to 3lb wrist weights, instead of two pounders and really didn't have any problem with the transition, so that was nice. Feeling like I must have achieved some sort of improvement in my strength. Watch our four pounders - here I come! Exercise group was the last of my four sessions for Friday.

Now, I have the rest of the day to do what I want! The weather outside was black and windy, thundering and lightning a bit so it didn't look like we were going anywhere today. So, we decided to just go back to my room and hang out a little. My Mom, Joey and I were just sitting here and I ate a couple cashews and all of a sudden my stomach just turned upside down to the point where I requested a bucket. Sure enough, I threw up my lunch and those darn cashews in about thirty seconds. Right after, I pretty much felt fine again. I would contribute this little session to the fact that I haven't taken a crap in four days and my stomach is so bound up it feels like I am going to explode! Also, they are pumping me full of laxatives of five different kinds or so. Tonight I am sure will be my lucky night! With that being said, I think that will be enough blogging for today. Not everyday is perfect but I just have to keep on pushing!


  1. Hippert-

    It's always great to read the update. You are making real progress each day!

    I'm going to give Mark some money next time he visits you so I can "shake for the day" from Appleton.

    You continue to amaze me! I am so proud of you. We are of course continuing to pray for you.


    *Brooke sends you a smooch back :)

  2. Hey, Andrew, Remember when you were little, you had 'bockers'? (Oh, for those 'being little' days!!?) Then again, maybe not!!!
    Seriously, we're so proud of your progress. Your attitude is awesome.
    We hope to stop in to see B/B and you on our way thru Chicago over the 4th.
    We were thinking of your comment about how heavy your legs felt. No wonder. If you're 180 lb, your legs must weigh at least 50 lb. Now that's weight lifting!
    Take care! Love and hugs enclosed!
    Ruth Schmelzer

  3. Andrew- not sure if you remember this or not, but I was talking to my mom and brother on the phone and they both asked me how you were doing. My mom is not computer savvy, so I have to give her daily updates, but we were just talking about the time in high school when you made my brother cry because you were beating him up...well not really, he was just a little 7th or 8th grader at the time and couldn't defend himself. but we all got a good laugh out of it. so when your legs get a little stronger, he is almost 22 years old now, but I still think you could "beat him up!!" have a great weekend!!

  4. Andrew, I enjoy reading about your days. Today I got my pee bag. Isn't that of fun thing to share. Keep up the good work!

    Jenny Laird

  5. Hey Hippert,
    Glad to hear you are keeping busy. So I was thinking about you the other day and it occured to me that I couldn't think of anything that can keep you down. The inner strength you've always had is amazing. From the little things like the time mark had his Kareoke Party and you stayed up till 3, then left at 5 to drive to milwaukee for work. You wern't going to let a little thing like sleep keep you from doing what you want. Or the time V.H. hit you, Bob and I with the jet ski at the cottage. A little rope burn and some bruises didn't keep you from giving Mike the cussin' he deserved. : ) But yeah...anyway, know that i'm thinking of you, and that I believe in you 100%. I'm still trying to find a weekend that works to visit, but unfortunaly my schedule with work and weddings is pretty tight. Hope to talk to you soon!

  6. Hippert,
    Ok, I just got caught up on some of your responses... I'm not sure if we want to play the "remember when" game about anything that happened at George's house. Lets call it a truce and find someone else to throw under the bus. Maybe Mark, Geenen, Grish, or Bob. Yeah, that sounds good. Ok, I'll start. Remember that party bob had at his house where Grish drank all that lime vodka and threw up in the closet? I think that was the time Sier convinced Pam Kurtz he was a German foreign exchange student........ You know what hippert?... maybe we just shouldn't play this game at all. : )

  7. (That last comment was me again)

  8. Andrew -- I continue to be amazed by your positive attitude and your determination. It really shows in the goals you are setting for yourself and the progress you are making. Keep up the great work.

    By the way, I hear Mark is visiting you again this weekend. Does that mean you've found him a cute nurse? Maybe you should set a goal for that too...

    Betsy Much

  9. Coming off of lukes comments. Like that time George had a party. Yeah well one of the many. I think we were reading books. And you and I went over to the parking lot next door....haha Perhaps we should contact kyle Krombach and see if we could have a party at his cottage. Or the time you had a fire at Harvard Ct. and you tried me to eat that hot dog.

    Keep the spirits up.
    Later Ross

  10. Andrew- So glad I got to talk with you today. You are so funny! And I continue to be amazed at your wonderful attitude.
    Have a good weekend!

  11. Andrew,

    Thanks for keeping the blog going. It's nice to read about your tremendous progress.

    Hows Chicago been treating you? Its looks like your rehab is in a primo location!

    Keep up the good work.

    PS - Kristyn and I put a little something in the mail today for you, I hope you get a chuckle out of it. Very Nice!

    - Jeremy Terry

  12. Andrew-- Hope you're having a great weekend and not getting to tired out from all your visitors!

    Countdown to sailing: 4 days! Hip Hip Hooray!

    Are you guys going to ever get some photos posted on this blog?? That would be nice. On second thought -- no! Just keep on posting...Can't ask for too much.

    Take care! Keep up the hard work, and having fun while you're at it.

    Love, (Aunt) Maureen and (Uncle) Paul

  13. Hey Hip,

    Sounds like they are really working you. Keep up the hard work and I am so proud of you. The best motivation always comes from within, and your great at it.

    Wish I could come see you but at least Endow will be there to deliver my hug in the next week.

    Miss you!

  14. haha, luke, andrew, tell stories all you like but don't throw ME under the bus!

    i don't remember joe puking that night at bob's house but of course i was kind of busy and I never knew Pam's last name until now. That was hilarious...

    good times. Keep up the good work Andrew, and I hope you enjoy "The Wind and the Water" when you get it.

  15. hey hip,

    me and al right now tore up, missing you more than amyone mother fucker. that's just us ....see you in chitown soon boy, i cant wait