Monday, June 1, 2009

Andrew and Kalli's Conversation

As we mentioned, Andrew is able to talk now and Kalli and him talked for a bit. He is very curious about what happened to him, and Kalli tried to fill him in as much as possible. He asked her if he had any brain damage and she was able to tell him- NO! (Thank God!) and then he asked her to tell him the truth about whether or not he was going to be able to walk again. Kalli told him that she was unable to say for sure- as we didn't know at this point. She did tell him that, she thought we'd get a miracle and that he would walk again. He said "I believe I am too, but if not I'm going to rock out a kick ass wheel chair!." Which brings tears to our eyes because he's so strong!

Andrew also asked for a mirror to see how he looked, and smiled at the mirror. He's doing better than we could ask, and is taking a good rest now after all that.


  1. Way to go Hip! I am trying to move your toes from California. Keep fighting and move those toes. Much love.


  2. Andrew,
    We are reading and watching for more positive signs for and from you. We are so happy to hear you have that awful tube out of your throat and you can start sharing your thoughts. We love to hear your feisty comments and that fighting attitude. That is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered. God is not done with your miracles yet...I think He might just be pausing so you can appreciate each one. Keep working at working those toes. You have more people than you know praying for you. If faith can move mountains, moving toes shouldn't be too much to ask. Stay tough. Tari and Dave Van Hoof

  3. Wowww bud?!
    I'm sure you've got all the angels you need in yer corner but i've got a couple that i'm sending yer way... use em. NEVER underestimate the power of prayer. The fact that you were found and rescued at that exact moment in time is mind boggling to me! You already had yer first run in with an angel!!! ( and don't be fooled, they DO exist and yer living proof!) ... and i truly believe its because you are here for a purpose Andrew, not sure what it is, but the fact that yer still with us under these circumstances shines bright with promise for you and yer future mang!
    I KNOW this is gonna be a long road to recovery but look at each day as just another challenge! Whats done is done, now lets see if we can beat the odds right?!...

    We're ALL here for you and Kalli and will be keeping you in our prayers...

    Chin up ho... Much love


    If anyone in the family needs anything or has any requests from the San Diego gang, please call me...

    Stan Getchman

  4. oh yah

    Move yer toes for us would you please...

    Stan again

  5. Andrew,

    The Geenen family is thinking of you and praying for you. If there is anything we can do to help, please don't hesitate to call, we don't live far away. We're happy to hear that you are able to talk now and will be waiting for more posts on your progress. Tell Kalli and your family we are thinking of them too. Much love from the Geenen's :)

    Ryan, Kara, and Jameson

  6. Andrew,
    We are thinking of you in Minnesota. Everyone is in your corner, cheering you on, counting on your miracle for a full and speedy recovery. Our prayers are with you. Keep fighting! Love, Amy Peters (and Luke, too!)

  7. Hiiip Daaaaawg! Don't even sweat it you'll get through this in no time! Dj PJ got some magic prayers coming your way, love ya bro!

  8. Good Luck Hippert, good to know your speaking again. MII is pulling for you. Get well soon.

    -Yanni Boots

  9. Hippert I know for a fact that if anyone can get through this it is you. You have a gift. You can do anything, I know it, I have seen it. I am here for you. Smile and be positive.
    Ross W

  10. Andy, Maggie and I are making many deposits into this incredible prayer pool you have. We are completely amazed and thankful for the support you are receiving at home and abroad. We will continue to pray for a fast and complete recovery of such a caring individual we had the pleasure of meeting at our village get together last year. Hang in there chief, every day we get the pleasure of reading about your improvements! Don't take this the wrong way, but we too are looking forward to the wiggle of the toes!
    Dan & Maggie Mies

  11. Andrew, all things considered, you are a pretty amazing guy. If anybody can beat all odds it's you, man. I forsee plenty of good times to come, even if the near future is a mega challenge. Be strong, my friend!
    Dean Peters
    Madison, WI

  12. Wow Andrew...Im considering you a hero right now! I cant believe how far you have come! We are all still praying for you to wiggle your toes and to get up on your feet!! But you are the strongest, most positive person I know...keep your head up high...i know Kalli is right there beside you along with your have many people praying and hoping for you to get on your feet!

    Lov ya!
    Jordan Frakes

  13. Hipps,

    Just wanted to make sure you knew that the Weiske's have you in our thoughts and prayers. It is very encouraging to hear that "giving up" will not be in your vocabulary. Get well soon, bud.


  14. Hi Andrew,
    Count on us for lots of thoughts and prayers. As you may know, we have had some struggles this year, too, and when they tell you "just take it a day at a time," that really is all you can do. Keep your amazing attitude!!
    Carla and Denny Oudenhoven