Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday - Day 5

Andrew had a good night last night, getting some solid sleep and eating well! He's now able to eat regular foods and swallowing pills with water (he was even requesting guacamole!). The doctor did say that we will be keeping Andrew in the ICU today as well. This is not due to any problems or issues, but mainly because Andrew has such great constant care from the nurses in ICU- and that is important. However, the doctor does think that he is nearly ready to flit off to a rehabilitation center and start working working working to get better. Andrew has received flowers and cards, which is so kind- he worked on opening the cards himself (which is difficult, because he still has limited control of his hands and fingers) and that is all great "occupational therapy".

The family has also received support and food from so many of you, during their stay in the ICU waiting room, and it has really been a blessing. We have pretty much camped out in the waiting room and made it our own little apartment- things would have been a lot less comfortable without your support. We cannot thank you all enough.


  1. Andrew,

    You have been in my thoughts and prayers since Monday morning when I talked to John. I must say you have made some great progress since then. You keep up the hard work and keep your spirits high and we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers. I wish you all the best and speedy recovery.
    Scott Bowen - Fullerton, Ca

  2. Morning Hip,

    Good to hear your sleeping and eating just fine. Sounds like you're getting back to your old self already! Keep fighting and working hard, the light might not be there yet but all your friends are cheering you on through this bitch of a tunnel. So what's the word on the rehab center? I'm down to meet you wherever just let me know what city/country and I am there. Never really hung out in Denver and from what i've read about Craig it's top shelf. And what's this i hear about you requesting guacomole? you spent too much time too close to Mexico man, how about a brat or something?

  3. Andrew open up your ears real wide or else you will not here the Guatemalan Chant. We are chanting in Spanish a song called "Wiggle-o my-o toes-o"..................

    Carlos Lima and Family

  4. Hey Hippert!

    Sounds like you are continuing to do really well my friend! I have been following progress every day and read most of the comments myself too to keep tabs on ya! I cant wait to get back to throwing you into countertops and monkey piles in Marks kitchen ASAP so quit being so lazy and go take a lap around the hospital.... :)

    Take care buddy,


  5. Good Morning Hippert!

    Glad to hear you got some rest last night.

    Random fact:
    Elephants are the only mammals that can't jump.

    Weird, right?

  6. Ask and it shall be given. Keep the faith.
    God will work a miracle!
    After all, it is a true miracle that you
    are alive! And for that we are very grateful.
    Be strong my friend.
    We all love you and know you can do it.
    "Our Father.." Amen.

  7. Hippert if you still have a hunger for guacamole have Mark or someone let me know. I just found an awesome recipe that Joe and I love...I never even knew I liked GUAC until I made it! Anyway, we are just down the road from St. E's and would love to drop some off...

    Option # 2: we could drop of some JD's!!

    Just put in your order!


  8. Andrew –
    Prayed pretty hard Sunday that you wouldn’t be afraid and to be strong and for a miracle – we’ve seen miraculous things happen before and now wasn’t the time for an exception.

    Tanks to Kalli and all the family/friends for updating the blog and writing posts. It ‘s a great way to see how many people you’ve touched. I can see you haven’t slowed down at all – remember the Packer Game where you had to keep track of Bob and my brother? Onieda Street got a splashing of puke while the delivery driver next to us just laughed. I think Bob ended up in your parent’s shower with his clothes on. The Astro van smelled really bad the next day so we just blamed it on Sam. Again.

    We’re praying for you in Johnson Creek / Madison / Milwaukee.

    Jonathan and Angie

  9. Hippert, I don't know how you worked with Clay as long as you did. You deserve a medal or something for putting up with his antics. I tell ya, first its get as much paint on the roller as you can then the next moment its too much...I mean the guy can't make up his mind. I guess I should be grateful he is paying me (or thats what he claims he will be doing). I will be seeing you soon brother. Oh yeah, I still am expecting that sailing lesson in Door County. It'll be great watching me struggle while we sail on lake Michigan.

    Sorry to cut it short, but the boss man says lunch is done and I need to roll some more walls.

    peace out, and like I said, see you soon!

    Bill Enwall

  10. Hey Hip-hop-apotamus,
    Listen buddy I am sure the sponge baths you are getting are great in the ICU but im sure there will be just as good when you get into your own room. I heard this male nurse bruno has magical hands(plus if you tip him $5 he will really take care of you), but he doesnt work the ICU. So hurry up and get out of there. Plus then I will be able to finally come up and visit you.
    Keep fighting buddy and I am sure we will be sailing in no time...


  11. Andy,

    Sounds as if you will be out of the ICU before you know it. Haley makes some killer GUAC, say the word and we'll send some over ASAP.

    How about cookies . . everyone likes cookies!

    Stay strong!


  12. Andrew!

    Dude, I can't believe it. You are recovering so fast! It is very inspriring to see how strong you are. I want you to know that everyone here at Interstate Electric has you in our prayers. Stay strong bro!

    Brandon Cant and all here at IEC
    Los Angeles, CA