Tuesday, June 2, 2009

From Andrew-

We are constantly printing out your comments and encouragement and reading them to Andrew.... he so appreciates the lists and even when he gets choked up and has heard 10 pages of notes- he still says "keep reading, keep reading." He asked us to let all of you blog followers know to "Keep writing- it is the best part of my day." He let us know that your comments and support are what really keeps him motivated and getting through each day. (I'm sure that Andrew would love some funny stories or anecdotes as well)

Also- The Physical Therapist is with Andrew right now, who has been feeling a lot of tingles since this morning- the PT says this is all REALLY GOOD things! Keep up those Prayers!


  1. Our captain! We are glad to see that you are getting better! The weather in SD is just grey so go boating is not even a option so take your time, you are not missing a s***. We keep praying for you, Jonathan and Marcus.

  2. Andrew,

    It's awesome to be able to read about the incredible progress you have already made. You are a tough guy and I know you can do anything you put your mind to. I have been thinking about you and praying for you constantly, and by the looks of it so are many, many others. It is pretty evident that you touch every life you encounter in a positive way, and we are all blessed to have you in our lives. Those summers in Sturgeon Bay and random nights in Milwaukee were some of the best and most memorable times of my life. You were always so welcoming and up for something fun; memories I truly cherish! If there is anything I can do for you, Kalli or your family, please let me know! Keep up the wonderful progress and know that we are all behind you!

    -Sarah Bowlby

  3. Hey Hip,

    It's killing me that I have to post on a blog instead of being there with you but I suppose with two good looking guys like us there the nurses wouldn't get shit done. I know you're gonna blow your Pysical Therapist's expectations out of the water. If walking isn't an option I'd put money on you teaching yourself how to fly, you're that kinda guy. I hear Denver might be in your near future which means i'll be seeing your ass in denver shortly. The Swedes are right about the weather though, it's shit here right now which you know by California standards means 70+ and cloudy. I expect a call once you know where you're headed, the good sailing weather seems to follow you wherever you go. I'll cut it short here, there's a lot more I could say but I know reading isn't real high on your to do list right now. I love you and am impatiently waiting for more good news so keep it up bud. Talk to you soon,


  4. Hi Andrew,

    My dad was devastated when he heard the news yesterday. He loves you like a son. Our family is praying so hard for you! You have done amazing, and keep working hard! We are thinking and praying for you every minute!

    Kellie DeVore

  5. Andy!
    Soooo happy to hear how amazing you are doing! It brings happy tears to my eyes. Again, I am speaking on behalf of Scott and myself because Scott doesn't really know how to use a computer..ha! But Scott sends his best wishes as well.
    It's really funny because when I talk about you, I always say ANDY...and he goes no no...it's ANDREW..I've always known him as Andrew from Irma Street. :)
    Regardless of how you say it..we are thinking about you! Stay strong buddy!
    Much love!
    Robyn and Scott

  6. Yo Hip,

    I took some awesome picture from the wedding I want to share. Ill post them on facebook soon along with the card I made for Anth and Ash. I took all the pics myself for it and there is an awesome shot of the head table with that huge shandelier overhead. Stay strong buddy. If you are feeling better later this week I want to stop in and say hello before you leave for CO.


  7. Andrew,
    I have been praying for you continually since I heard. I am not surprised to read about how strong you are. You are the man. By the way, SL lead times are out there, so at least you don't have to deal with that right now. Can't wait to see you back! I'll keep praying. We know it works.
    Ken Licklider

  8. If the physical therapist is feeling a lot of good tingles, just exactly what are you doing to her?

    Keep up the good work bud. You know you've got a lot of support here and anywhere you will be in the future.

    Mark Lee

  9. Wazzup bud...

    Sounds like things are going in the right direction, huh? yer boy Endow said it best... If you cant't walk I'm sure you'll figure out a way to fly ...HA!

    Stay strong and focused on the task at hand and hopefully a year from now this'll all seem like a bad dream!

    I'm goin' to Seattle this week with Marcel for the wedding.... ( and I won't be diving into any swimming pools ... just to be safe =) so i won't be in town for the Sharks game but i think I can speak for all of us and say we're gonna win this one for the Hipp!

    Chin up ho!


  10. Hi buddy!!!! i just want you to know that i'm thinking about you all the time and praying for you! you are so strong and have already gotten so far. it's just a matter of time. i will come and see you as soon as you can see friends. stay strong buddy and know that we are all here for you every step of the way. looooooveyou!


  11. Andrew!

    The team at Ridout Plastics just got the word Monday and the link this morning to this blog. It's awesome to hear you are a fighter and have tremendous willpower - you'll beat this and get behind the tiller soon enough!

    You are in our prayers and thoughts here.

    So get well quick and back to SD where the mosquitoes are small and the skies are gray. Please don't let us have to have Pelke as our sales rep. We need you back! LOL.

    -Elliott Rabin and the gang at Ridout Plastics.

  12. Andrew -

    The kids and I will be up tonight after I am done with work. Be ready for all thier crazy questions - they are so excited to see you ! I know you are in good hands - so I don't feel as bad having to go back to work today - Besides - I am sure the rest of our family is smothering for me! I am learning to pray and work at the same time....

    PS - I have a lotion specialist creating a special blend for your hands and legs - should have it by tomorrow.....

    We will see you in a few hours.

    Luv Ta

  13. What up Hip!!!

    Cayce and I have been praying constantly and we are so excited for the progress you are making! It is sooo refreshing to see your postive state of mind and determination to get better and back up on ur feet. Cayce and I wish we could be there to support you, but please know we are constantly praying for you, Callie and your family! I love the comment about worst case scenario . . . The pimped out wheel chair!!! That's Hilarious! It goes to show that with you the glass is always half full and you make the most out of every situation that you come across! There is an amazing angle to this story as well . . . You already know how to install a pulley system bed and you definately don't believe in stairs since you prefferred a slide in your home anyway, so if you have trouble in the future walking God has created you with the gifted talent of a creative mind to once again have the most efficient and craziest house in the City! We both love you and can't wait to see the progress in the future! "You can do all things through Christ our Lord who strengthens us!" Phillipians 4:13

    Love, Parker and Cayce

  14. Andrew
    Hey I know you are going to do well because you are so strong! My mom was telling Margaret the story about whenever you came over to the house you would move the brass deer, and she would say well I know Andrew was here. I thought that was funny.
    Stay strong!- Jenny Laird New London WI (shorty as you always called me)

  15. Hippert--

    When I heard what happened on Sunday, my heart literally dropped in stomach. I know that we haven't been in contact recently, with you living in SD and me moving to Atlanta, but I do have many hilarious memories with you both in highscool and college that definitely bring a smile to my face. Whether it was a ski trip up in hurley with old men running around in thongs, or giving the security guy "the wave" on spring break in orlando, or doing boxed wine slams, everytime I've ever been with you or hanging out with you, i have laughed my ass off. You are probably one of the funniest people I have ever met.

    I admire your strength and positive attitude about whatever your future may hold. Not all people would have the mindset that you do, and I truely believe that your attitude will determine your recovery. Clay tells me that you have been in great spirits and my only response to him is "cuz that's hippert" :)

    Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, you will pull through this and become an even stronger person. Lean on God and trust in His power of healing and prayer...anything is possible. You have millions rooting for you Hip!!! You will beat this, there's no other way to look at it.

    :) Julie Johnson

  16. Hey Hip,

    I am checking this blog every 10 minutes during school. I am so excited to hear about all of the improvements that you have been making. It will be tough to get in an altercation with an aggressive gang of 13 yr olds and a 50 yr old women at 3 AM at Denny's without you having my back!! Downtown San Jose can be dangerous so... I am going to need you to get better fast so I will have my muscle back making monthly visits.
    I know you have access to all of the options possible. If you need any information about The Spinal Cord Injury Center at Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee I know a doctor who works with the director of this center. He has offered his help in making any contact or getting information you may need.

    I love you buddy. I am home next weekend and will visit if you are still in the area and can take visitors.


  17. haha, crazy carl that story is one of the better ones. no one can punk some bitch ass 13 year olds like my man hippert :-)


  18. Andrew,
    We are all following your progress from Arizona, everyone in the branch is praying for your recovery. I am sure you would not believe it was me typing this if i did not give you a hard time about 'something' ..so with that being said, Arizona is not THAT damn hot that you have to get out of a whole summer of visits!! Seriously, hope you are back to your regular visits soon! Patti -Port Chandler

  19. Andrew,

    I talk to my mom last night back in Rockford and she started a prayer group with a bunch of her friends for you. You have a lot of people praying for you buddy!! I know you can beat this! Keep fighting!


  20. ANDREW!
    Step here. I was just thinking about that night that I got pretty drunk and passed out on your couch (like usual) and you shoved EVERYTHING on your coffee table down the pants of my legs, down the front of my pants, the back of my pants and I woke up with magazines, candles and god knows what else shoved in every square inch of my pants to the point where I couldn't move and I was so confused I fell off the couch, remember that nigh?. I remember watching the video and crying I was laughing so hard, same with Tam (I think Stan has the video, I'll try to send it to you). Or how about that crazy night at the strip club where I was DD and almost killed us all by driving my car up on a curb that was like 3 feet high? The list goes on and on with funny stories involving you. Thinking about you 24/7 buddy. Love you!


  21. .....and P.S. You really need to get your ass better and back in SD. I'm lost without you telling me how much I suck at life, telling my to shut up every time I open my mouth. There's no one here to tackle me randomly out of no where, and no one is throwing my clothes in the pool either. It's really depressing. And even though you would NEVER admit to it, I know these were the ways you showed you cared. You, Guillermo and JT are like big brothers to me. Hope you know that.


  22. Andrew
    Wish I could be there with you man.. I'm not to good with words, just want you to keep your head up and get better. I think I speak for everyone here at Pacific At Mission Bay. We miss you man, and we are all praying for you.. Sending much love to you from San Diego. Stay up Big Hip. Marcel aka The real Rick Ross!!