Friday, June 12, 2009

Thursday June 11th

Andrew started the morning off with getting dressed and having some french toast for breakfast. The first group he attended was called hand group, during this hour he practiced working with poker chips and coins. The goal of this group exercise class is to strengthen his fingers and dexterity. After this class he had a little break and was able to go back to his room and put his feet up and take a rest. Next was functional skills group - Andrew taught a group how to play the card game GOLF. I think it may be a new favorite here on floor 7 - one of the gentlemen asked when they were going to play next!

After lunch the tough work started - he had physical therapy and occupational therapy. During physical therapy he was fitted to his new wheelchair (3rd attempt - they really want it to be the best fit it can be). While the therapist worked on adjusting and aligning the wheelchair, Kalli was taught different leg stretches and worked with Andrew. Immediately after physical therapy Andrew moved on to occupational therapy. During OT his wrists and fingers were assessed again and goals were discussed with the therapist. Some of the goals were to gain more strength in his fingers, work on balancing, and continue practicing his morning routine on his own (getting dressed, grooming). During therapy Andrew had neural muscular electrical stimulation (E-Stim). This sent a message to his neurons and resulted in his muscles moving and fingers bending.

By 3pm Andrew was done for the day but ready to play cards again! Friends came to visit so we played another few rounds of GOLF. We all had dinner together and visited. Andrew ended his night with a shower and a few phone calls to catch up with friends.


  1. As if having the accident wasn't bad enough, now you're in Bears country! Perhaps in addition to our daily prayers, we need to include some daily inspiration from St. Vince.

    Here's one for today:
    "The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will."

    Hang in there, Andrew!

    Larry Pable
    (Brother of Steve Pable & Rose Aguirre)
    Nashville, TN

  2. Hey Andy,

    Just read that you had E-Stim. I just got certified a month or so ago to do that on a persons neck and face for speech therapy. Doesn't sound like you will be needing it to help your swallowing though, which is good. I bet you are making the other patient's stays there better by shining on them with your great personality.
    Keep up the great work!
    ~Haley and Joe

  3. Wow dude, good to see you are coming along so well... I am so proud of you! Michelle, Donna and I are keeping you in our prayers. I should be coming to the city the 19th. I will have to show you, Tim, Mom and Dad, and who ever else is there at the time what good food is about. Your right by Al's Italian Beef stand and Manny's Deli. Some of Chitowns best! Anyways, take care of yourself and stay focused! Much Luv, Jerome, Donna, and Michelle... P.S. Let me know when you want to go to the Wrigley field, I will get you v.i.p. parking at the firehouse across the street.

  4. Andrew -

    Haley and Joe hit it right on the nail. You are definitely making the lives of others around you better. You are challenging some to be better caregivers, others to pay closer attention, other will try harder in therapy because of things you say or do, some may gain more manual dexterity just because they want so bad to play cards with you and others. You really bring that Hippert Charm with you everywhere and you the lives of others amazing without even trying - just by being you baby bro! I am so honored to be your sister as I read through all the blogs! you are so loved and supported because of all the love and support you have given to others through the years!

    Being creative and bringing new ideas to therapy groups helps everyone grow - Keep it up.

  5. Hi Andrew! So everybody is playing your card game! Doesn't surprise us at all...I am sure you are dreaming up some more fun stuff to do with your 'new' friends already. Keep working hard and keep having fun... as you always do! See you next week, and thanks for the updates!
    Love, Maureen and Paul

  6. Hi Hippert-
    It's wonderful to hear that things are on the up and up. Your positive attitude is extremely inspirational.

  7. Andrew,

    It was great seeing you yesterday! I really enjoyed hanging out and playing cards with you. It was cool to be able to see the equiptment that you work with, and things you have done there. It really helps when reading the blog when I can picture things such as the tilt table. You are making excellent progress and I know you will continue to do so. I hope you enjoy the treats I brought for you, and if Kalli and you mom are not sharing enough, you just let me know and I'll be down with more! haha! :D We will be back soon i'm sure and if you have any requests for anything I can bring, just let me know! Be ready for some mad rounds of golf when we come back...maybe we can even re-enact the waterfall (except this time, not with brown cow)! lol Take care and I hope to see you again real soon!

    Kalli and Kathy,

    It was great seeing you guys too! I just love your apartment and could stare out that window all day long! I am so glad that it is working out so well for you guys there! I will be back to visit very soon and I'll bring more treats of one form or another! Like I said too, I have off of work every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday (pathetic..I know)but if you ever need any help with ANYTHING or company you just let me know. I'd be more than happy to help with the whole scrapbooking thing, perhaps we could make a weekend of it! You guys take care too, and if you need anything, please let me know..I'm only a train ride away!

    -Sarah B.

  8. Oops - Sorry Andrew - I realize I never left my name on the blog - I was the 8:59am blog. Yes, I am working .... but checking on you too.

    Love you the greenest! Ta

  9. Hello Andrew,

    We just read the article in the Compass newspaper. It is awesome. Keep up the good work in rehab!! We know you can do it!!

    Katy & Larry Connor

  10. Theresa loves you the greenest? Then I love you the pinkest.