Saturday, June 6, 2009

Getting Settled at RIC

Ronnie – Funny enough at my new hospital Rehab Institute of Chicago
The first nurse I had was Bruno….Seriously his name was Bruno.

The new place is nice. I’m in a room with a roommate named Andrew,
but goes by Joey. Kalli decorated the room with some choice pictures
of most of you. The food is not that good, but the chicken was not
that bad.

Tomorrow I have an occupational and speech therapist evaluation.

Kalli and Kathy are still looking for a place to stay while in Chicago -
if anyone has any ideas please send them in.


  1. haha, bruno definitely sounds like a great nurses name. are there any Gaylord Fockers working there hip?

  2. Glad you are all settled in. Stay strong Andrew!
    Jenny Laird

  3. From The Wilhelms Family in Chicago,

    Andrew its great to hear your are doing so well. We have room for your family to stay at our home in Rolling Meadows, IL. NW suburb of Chicago. If your interested please give me a call 847-924-9231. I am Anthony's uncle.

  4. morning hip,

    hope your rockin out your evaluations today and enjoying your sunday. i have a feeling someone's gonna have a case of the mondays tomorrow when you start that rehab full time.

    to help keep your strength up are any dining requests i can take for you? if the food's that terrible maybe i could smuggle you in some baked goods or perhaps a little grill and some johnsonvilles. Anth might have an extra Foreman or something too.

    i see kal and kathy are looking for a spot to stay in chitown. might i suggest the penthouse suite at Trump International Hotel. nothing's too good for you ladies :-)

    good luck with everything coming your way hip, i have a feeling you're gonna revolutionize the way therapy is done with you miraculously speedy recovery. you can do it!!!

  5. Glad you're settled in Chicago! San Diego is seriously not the same without you here!! I miss you lots.

    My parents check your page everyday, and my mom sent me an email yesterday and was like, Stef! What is boats and hoes?? Cuz she saw your post saying boats and hoes, Stef and Tam and Jess! Haha.

    Stay strong Andrew! Love you tons.


  6. Glad you hear you are settling in and making the place more comfortable. Stay strong and keep positive during therapy. You have a long road ahead of you but I think you will be sailing and wakeboarding again someday soon! Let me know if you guys need anything at all, although I am sure everyone has told you that over the last week. Just remember you will have good days and bad days, but don't let the bad days ruin the good days. Take care and I will continue tracking your progress over the next months.

    Christina :)

  7. Hey Hippert,

    Glad to hear you made it safe and sound to Chicago. Once you get into a routine we'll have to figure out a time to come out and visit. VanHandel wants to go too, and Southwest has super cheap flights from Minneapolis to Chi-town. So thats all good. Also, give me a call or text if you are ever bored or need anything. I can almost always answer my phone so no big deal there. Keep up the hard work and lets talk sometime soon!

  8. Glad you are making progress in rehab. Maybe I could come for a visit sometime!! Chicago is not very far from South Bend!!! So many people here in South Bend ask about you and are praying for you.

    Katy Connor

  9. Hello Andrew,

    While I'm pretty confident we have never met, after seeing the blurb in the Post Crescent on you and coming across this blog, I just had to introduce myself.
    On July 31st 1993, I had all too familiar of an injury. In fact it was at roughly the same time of day and in the exact same (damn)pool. Sounds like the only difference, is that I was a vertebrate worse. I sufferred a C6 injury.
    I'm sure we will chat some day, but right now I just want you to focus on yourself and your recovery. I've just finished reading every "all too familiar" blog entry, and please know that I will be praying daily for you and will be glued to this blog, anxiously awaiting all of the MANY days of improvement you will make. It looks like you have a TON of support, as I did, and this will make all the differnce in the world. FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT and when you have a terrible day, as I know you will, brush it off, go to bed, and get up and fight the battle even harder the next day. Please try as hard as possible to stay strong. I cannot stress this enough, but ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!!! Don't let anyone tell you what you will or won't be able to do by such and such a date. No body knows, and every case is different. If you or anyone in your family has any questions for me, please do not hesitate to email or call.

    Now get working on therapy!!! Things aren't going to get better by lying around reading posts that are this long. Ha-ha! :)

    Best of luck!!!
    Curt Romenesko

  10. Hipp-

    Al here... I will be leaving on
    Wednesday on my way out of town for the summer so I am going to stop in to say whatup to you in the early afternoon. If I can bring you anything let me know brotha. In the meantime, you keep reminding "joey" that you are the real andrew in the room.

    I am looking forward to it bro, and if Nolan is not misbehaving I will let him out of the car to come and see you too! Much love bro, see you soon.


  11. hey andrew

    we went to Bama Jam this weekend, which was a Country Fest event held in Southern Alabama. As you can imagine, it was hicksville. I have never seen so many rednecks in one spot, and I hope I never do again. There have never been so many people yet so few teeth in one spot in the history of man.

    Confederate flags were flying in the crowd, and we were all anxiously waiting for the South to Rise again. As apparently it is going to do, perhaps sometimes soon. However, it did not rise this weekend, so the North is still safe. I'm sure you're glad to hear that.

    Keep fighting buddy, our thoughts and prayers are with you everyday.


  12. Andrew everybody in montana is praying for you, but...we like to picture our jesus in a tuxedo t-shirt that says I'm formal but I like to party. Because you like to party and so does our jesus. Keep it real

  13. Hey Hippert and Kalli!

    Hippert, I would love to stop by next weekend and see you. I figure I'll give you some time to settle in and figure out what time of day is best for a visit. I can't wait to see you and see how well you're doing!

    Kalli, you are welcome at my place anytime. My bedroom is small, but the apartment is big and there is always room for you. I'm more than happy to share my room with you, however long you need. Call me. 920.540.5388 At the very least we should get dinner.

    Hugs & Kisses,

  14. Just wanted to send a note that Ryan and I will be in Chicago for an Incubus concert in July! We will stop by for sure.

    Ryan says "Hopefully the nurses are hot."

    We are continuing to pray for you! :)

    Kara Geenen

  15. from Aumt Mary
    Busy Doctors
    One fella walked into a doctor's office and the receptionist asked him what he had. "Shingles," he said. So she took down his name, address and medical insurance number and told him to have a seat.

    Fifteen minutes later a nurse's aid came out and asked him what he had. "Shingles," he said. So she took down his height, weight, complete medical history and told him to wait in the examining room.

    A half-hour later a nurse came in and asked him what he had. "Shingles," he said. So she gave him a blood test, a blood pressure test and an electrocardiogram. Then she told him to take off all his clothes and wait for the doctor.

    An hour later the doctor came in and asked him what he had. "Shingles," he said. The doctor asked, "Where?"

    He said, "Outside in the truck. Where do you want them?"