Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Furry Friend In the ICU

Andrew is currently hanging out with a special visitor that most don't get to see in the ICU! Mariposa Wilson, a therapy canine is with him- hopefully cheering him up! Thanks Kevin for that hook-up!


  1. too bad tucker can't make an appearance for you Hip. i'm sure all hell would break loose and something important would get eaten :-)

  2. That dog looks hammered.

    I'm a lifelong friend of Anthony's dad. I've been inspired by the response from your friends and family.
    I read one post that said you are a guy that when life gives you lemons, you'll make lemonade.
    Well life gave me vodka, so when your lemonade is finished, you let Willy (Mr Wilhelms) know and we'll get you set up.

  4. Andrew, we just wanted to let you know that you are always on our mind. Keep up the good work, we can imagine how hard it must be to be in therapy all day. Our prayers are with you. Lots of love,
    Sevag & Lisa

  5. hey hip i just got off the phone with heather and she's got all of Long Beach Unified School District's teachers praying and following your kick ass progress. That's Lakewood, Bellflower, and the LBC that's got your back now. also my family in Culver City, Marina Del Rey, LA, Green Bay, and Madison are pulling for you. that's a whole lotta japs on your side buddy ;-)

  6. Hey Andrew!

    Meghan let me know what happened, and I wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and praying for a fast recovery! I can't wait to see you better, and even more, I can't wait for the next Beach Harbor reunion!


  7. Hey hip sweet dog! I am sure tucker would cause trouble over there. I've got my whole family prying and thinking about you. Thats Indiana, Chicago, and all over Wisconsin! My brother and his fiance are prying in Saucilito, CA as well. I have also passed word around school here and everyone keeps asking for updates on how you are doing! A lot of people are pulling for you. I know you will impress everyone with your recovery. You already have so far! Keep working hard with the rehab.

  8. hippert you can do it!! wiggle those toes!!
    i have you in all my prayers and so does my family!

  9. Andrew,
    We want to let you know that you are now on prayer lists in San Clemente CA, Saint Louis, MO, and in St. George UT (the Mormon Church) and growing daily. A friend from California responded "God doesn’t care who is praying so I would like to submit his name into my parents Mormon temple. Let’s bring on the prayer warriors. "

    You will never know who and how many are pulling for you but I can tell you that it is MORE than you could ever guess; can you say thousands and tens of thousands?

    Hang tough my man and may God Bless you each and every day - though at times the road may seem long you will overcome.

    God Bless,
    Don's Family and Friends

  10. i'm gonna go out on a limb here and say it's MILLIONS of people now!!!

  11. Hippert-
    I had chills when I found out what happened, but I had this feeling you would surprise us all. Since Sunday, I have been wearing a lucky necklace that my mom wore while Dylan was in the NICU. The pendant is a guardian angel, and I know that you have many watching over you.

    I drove back to the hotel as soon as I could. On the way there, they were talking about miracles on the radio. Once again, I got chills. I knew it wasn't just a coincidence. When I got there, I heard the good news that you had moved your arms!

    You continue to show your strength, and we are all so proud of you! No matter the possible setbacks, we know you will continue forward and wiggle those toes.

    Michelle and Dustin

  12. Andrew,

    Wow, furry friends in ICU! If you were in SD Crazy Cassus and I would come visit for sure. He knows some tricks and has healed a few people! I have been so impressed with what progress you have made and know that you will continue until you are fully recovered. You have a great support system and Kalli is amazing so I know you are getting great care.

    Jamie Peddycord

  13. Hey Andrew!
    hope you enjoyed the dog! I was thinking- you should definetely jam to some music when you do will make it go faster! I know Laura has some decent tunes. Hope you're feeling better! Stay strong!


  14. Hey Man,
    Were all still pulling for you out here in Diego. Keep fighting and I know you'll get through it. Good to hear your making progress. We'll be praying for you


  15. Hey Andrew!

    I just want you to know that Nick and I are constantly checking for updates and you've been in our thoughts and prayers everyday. I know I don't know you very well, but I got to experience the strong bond that your amazing group of friends has. You are definitely loved and are blessed to have such a great group of people in your life and fighting in your corner. And from what I've heard you're quite the trooper so I have no doubts that you'll be up and walking soon! Keep fighting the good fight buddy!

    Kelli and Nick

  16. Andrew, I’m not much of a blogger so I hope this works. Hang in there; you have lots of prayers working for you from my men’s bible study group. I still owe you a sail around SF Bay and I do expect you to take me up on it even if it is on a tiny 15 ft. boat. Hang tough, keep fighting and listen to the Dr.'s and therapists. Last time I was in the hospital I thought the cure was worse than the disease, but eventually just fighting the pain and not the people trying to help me paid off. There’s also a big party scheduled for July 4th on your boat and I know you don’t want to miss that one! Keep fighting dude, you can do it! Rich McDevitt No. CA

  17. Heard you were looking at rehab possibilities, so I checked with my ortho, Dr. Patrick McKenzie. He's one of the Packers team doctors and did my ACL replacement. Found out they don't do spinal cord injuries, however they do refer them to Neural Spine Center in Appleton. Their number is: 1.888.231.5236.

    Don't know if this will help but I trust Dr. McKenzie's judgement which is more than I can say for a lot of doctors.

    You've been on our Prayer Chain since Sunday and my prayer warriors do great work (with God's help!) See you next week.

    Marcie and Mariposa

  18. Hey Hippert! I love checking the posts every day when I get home from work to see your progress. It's my little ritual now. I told some friends at work, and you're in their thoughts and prayers too! So, St. Paul MN has got your back, aight? Keep up the progress...

    Angie P

  19. Hello Andrew,
    Today at work I was assigned to leading the rosary, so I dedicated it to you. My sister Amy and her family also prayed the rosary for you. Stay strong young Andrew!
    Jenny Laird (shorty)

  20. Hey Andrew
    I drive past St. E's hospital everyday to and from work and I offer up a prayer for you everytime I go by. Continue working hard on your therapy and good things will happen. Stay strong.
    The Hahns

  21. hey hippert, kali and family!

    thank you for the wonderful and heart warming posts. like many others, i can't wait to log on everyday see what's up. you are in my mind constantly as i go about my have no ideas how many times i pause just to channel hippert's big toe (i know both would be ideal, but i seem to focus on the right one...maybe b/c i'm right handed??)-- sorry got a bit off track there.

    anyway...keep up all the hard work hippert and take it a day at a time.

    xo - mary beth

  22. Hey Hippert!!

    Just wanted you to know that you are in our hearts and prayers!! Thank you for showing Wes and Dani a great time in CA!! We should be moving in the Lake House soon, you need to stop by for a boat ride when you are feeling better!! Keep up the good work and stay STRONG!!!

    All Our Love!!

    Laurie, Gerry and Dylan
    (Wes's Mom)

  23. Andrew: Tony, Kerie and Arianna Rishwain are wishing you the best. Keep up the good work, It sounds like you just need time to fully recover. You're not as good a Marlin fisherman as you think. I caught a bigger one the New Year in Cabo.
    Stockton, Ca.

  24. Andrew that dog looks exactly like Bill without his glasses:) OUCH Bill use to win more damn lunch money for cross eyed tournaments by taking off his glasses I was waiting for mothers to call screaming at me...well that luck followed him in cards at UWM. Hope he made your day CHIN UP and I want in on the lemonaides

    the longs Jill and Gary