Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Monday at RIC

Today, Andrew woke up to a busy morning. He had back to back therapy from 7:30am to 11:00am. He worked on leg stretches, spent time in a wheelchair, wheeling himself, and getting a good look at the rehab facility floor. During therapy Andrew practiced stacking blocks, building strength and dexterity in his fingers. He also practiced writing. After therapy he took a much needed nap. His afternoon was more relaxing - hanging out with the family.

At the end of Andrew's first weekday of rehab here is what he had to say:

The hardest part of his day was staying awake during therapy due to being drowsy from pain medication. He said it was hard to stay chipper and awake.

The best part of the day was being able to stay up in his wheelchair for almost three hours.

Andrew is trying to get to the right balance for pain meds in order to stay energized during therapy. He wants enough to kill the pain but not too much to make him drowsy.

Message from Kathy:

Dear Faithful Friends,

Today for Kalli and I the anxiety of where to call home for one to two months has been met. Your prayers have provided an apartment on the 35th floors two blocks from Andrew. God's faithful touch is on everything as he provides for ALL of us.


  1. hip sounds like you need to balance out with a couple uppers, i know i guy in chicago you can call ;-) seriously though i'm glad to hear your family's there with you, being around them it's easy to see how you turned out so damn awesome. i'm not gonna right another page cause once again i was leaving you a message on yesterday's post when up popped this one. thanks kalli and family!!!

  2. He said, "Seek and ye shall find!"
    Be strong.
    Be unafraid to ask Him for what you need.

  3. Hip I am glad to hear things are falling into place. I can't wait to come visit in a few weeks when I am home. Keep working hard in therapy. Later bud,


  4. Hippert--

    I can't even imagine what you are going through, both emotionally and physically. You hear about tragedy's happening all the time on the news and around the world and everyone still manages to live their busy lives, unaffected by what they see or hear.....until something devestating really hits home. It's unfortunate that it takes a severe accident for people to truly stop and realize what's important in life, but I've learned that everything happens for a reason. You've clearly noticed everyone's love and support, and I guarantee you that you've touched every person who knows you, whether it be not taking a friend for granted, or forgiving someone they've held a grudge on from the past. Even if it seems unfair, God had a reason for this to happen, and if you don't know now, you will find the answer later. Even though the timeline of your life may be a little off, all of your plans will still happen. Your attitude and strength is motivation for everyone. I am so amazed how well you are handeling your situation. Like I said, all your life plans will happen, maybe not on your time, but God's time. Tell Kalli I say hi and sometime soon Clay and I are going to take a roadtrip and come visit :)

  5. OOPS-that last post was from julie j.

  6. The onlything that overcomes hard luck is hard work ~Harry Golden~

    Keep up the hard work andrew!!

  7. hippert just thought i would let you know i played a few good rounds of pitchfork today at work. That game is still as awesome as ever cant get enough of it.

  8. Andrew, I am glad to hear that you are up and moving around more. It sounds like you are working really hard. Your motivation and positive attitude will definatley take you far in your journey! I am excited to come see you and your improvements in a couple of weeks.

  9. sup there hip,

    hey do you remember when i told you about Hollywood Park and the friday night horse races/concert there each week? just thinkin we should hit that up when you get back out here. anyways just wanted to say hey but you're probably in bed already, i'm sure those pain pills got you sleepin like a big bearded baby

  10. Hey Andrew- Sorry I haven't posted anything lately, I am down in Clearwater and this is the first time I have been by a computer. I have been thinking of you, your family and Kali often. Your positive attitude is very admirable. Keep up the strong work. I am not sure when you will be up for visitors but I will be in Chicago in July and a race the first weekend in August, so I would love to come and visit and see how all your hardwork is paying off!!! I will try and post sometime soon...
    Becky Johnson

    p.s. nurses love to receive little love taps! :)especially pinches

  11. Fellow Andy H.
    Very nice seeing you last week. The progress you made in only a few days was amazing. Keep up the hard work in therapy and I plan to come visit again soon.

  12. Hey Hippert,
    I thought I'd shoot you a note to test to see if you were blocking my texts again. Just kidding. I'm sure it was operator error on my part...Ashley can attest to my pathetic computer skills. I've dragged her out of bed many nights to fix whatever mess i had unknowingly gotten myself into on our home computer.
    Sounds like your therapists are working you pretty hard. They probably know that the saying "an idle mind is the devil's workshop", so there's not a chance they are going to let YOU "be idle" without being exhausted...especially if they've read this blog and seen all the mischief you've been up to the past 25 years...I have a sneaking suspicion first chance you get you will be up to your old tricks again...Bruno and/or Joey be afraid...be very afraid.
    As always we are thinking about you and keeping you, Kalli and your family in our prayers.
    Tari Van Hoof

  13. Morning Hip,
    Your probably getting your butt kicked in rehab right now. Just wanted to give you a shout and see how everything is going. I'm with Endow on a taking field trip if possible when were home this summer! Keep working hard.