Sunday, June 14, 2009

and AGAIN from Andrew

Dear Jonathan and Marcus,
Thank you so much for checking on my majestic vessel, the Esclapion. (Some of you may be wondering – it means “a place to heal”, which was also the name of my grandfather’s boat and the reason why I named my boat after her.) I could use some healing now, I have all kinds of things that need it, so it would be nice to get back and go sailing on her. We had so many awesome sailing Saturdays, week after week, on the boat. From sailing downtown to sailing to La Jolla Coves and then just bombing around the bay drinking brews, San Diego is such an awesome aquatic play land. I can’t wait to get back to play with my boats. As you said, unfortunately you guys will be heading back to Sweden soon, but I know, as I have made good friendships in the past, that we will not lose complete touch. We just need to make sure that you guys let me know how I can keep up with you once you are back at home. My number and email isn’t going to change, but I am guessing yours will. Don’t worry about not being able to see me before you go I will never forget all the fun times we have had. Love you darn Swedes, Your captain.

Tari – I would love to have you visit. The afternoon should be just fine. Stop on by if you get a chance. If you want, you can call Kalli first, but otherwise just stop in.

Amanda - thank you so much for passing on the prayers. We will make sure to get that on the map!

Oh Maeghan – can’t wait to see you. But, don’t worry just because I am taking a shower doesn’t mean I’m doing anything in there. I pretty much lay in a chair and they scrub me down. It’s wonderful, some of the most relaxing experiences I have had since the accident are just sitting in that shower chair with some nice warm water running over my face and getting scrubbed head to toe. It feels great.

Jaci – you have definitely been entered in to the gauc-off competition. As soon as I get out of rehab, it’s on! Just a warning to all that will be entering the competition, my mom has been making guacamole for probably 40 years and can do it blind-folded and with one arm tied behind her back. So, watch yourself and start practicing, Kathy is in.

Holly – I am actually having a book signing and autograph session next Thursday at 5pm. It will be held in the Bradley Center in Milwaukee in order to contain the crowd. Get your tickets soon; I think it is almost sold out. Tickets are available by donating through the blog. I haven’t seen you in a while Holly, it is great to hear your typing voice. Give little Brooke a smooch on the forehead for me. Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Rachel – this might have been the funniest blog of the day. I have forgotten about someone throwing up upstairs in the front hall bathroom. How your parents never found out until now is awesome. It is funny how even parents can get a good laugh from an event like that (that was right under their nose) after years and years have passed. PS Mrs. Gonnering, it is so great that you were able to find it humorous now and thanks for hosting such a great boozer of a party – your chips and snacks were great too!

Dear Beth, everyone has been saying such wonderful things about me and you call me a girl. Thank you.

Gina – thanks for the suggestion. It is actually right down the street from us (or so I have been told). I can’t wait, now that I am getting out of this place every once in a while, to go and try a slice!

Tari – sorry, can’t hang things on our door, so you will just have to enter at your own risk. Basically, flipping a coin whether or not I have pants on, odds are against you.

Laura – sounds like Grey wants to be part of the pantsless party too – I can’t blame her, it’s going to be a blast. See you next weekend. Love you too.

Hey Luke – as long as we are being inappropriate, remember that time we put a camera in George’s room – and you hurt your back from snowboarding?

Guillermo – that would be sweet if you brought those cookies I really do love devouring them. You are pretty much my only guy friend that makes good cookies – haha. Can’t wait for you guys to visit, now that my mom and Kalli have an apartment everything is all set so you guys have to come and crash with them. Just let me know when you guys are going to so we can get it on the calendar and make sure we have room for you. Shouldn’t be a problem though, can’t wait to see ya! DJ Hipdog.

Oh Heine – can’t wait to see you. Thanks for throwing me under the bus. Have a good one.

Anjali – sounds good. Can’t wait to see you when you get back. Have a great time in Canada – tell your whole family I say hi.


  1. Hey Andrew,
    I read the Compass article again last night. I think it is really awesome. Keep the faith, and believe you will walk again. I have so many memories of swimming at your pool in Appleton or camping with everyone at Greenlake. (I am shorty 2) Getting candy at the store or having campfires.

    Don't give up, we are praying for you!!

    Katy Connor


    This is a link to a headline relating to Lady Gaga wearing no pants. Thought you could relate.

    Kara, Holly, and Haley

  3. Andrew
    I did ask Mark if when he comes to see you, if he would like a rider. But this Friday I am having surgery to remove 2 kidney stones, so I will have to wait and see about coming to see you. But I would love to see you sometime. Good to hear that you are doing well so far. Keep up the good work Andrew!
    Jenny Laird (shorty)

  4. Andrew,
    I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that we have been thinking about you every single day and checking your blog as well. I don't think I'll ever forget how we felt the moment Beth called to tell us about your accident... but thankfully every report we received since then has been of amazing progress! I am a speech therapist and have witnessed the exhausting work that I know you are going through right now with OT and PT, so we will continue to send prayers for strength from southern Alabama. We are driving home in July and may pass through the Chicago area so perhaps we can stop by.
    Nicole & Mark Sier

  5. well I am at work again for the night, and again I find myself reading your blog!! This might be the most reading I have done in a while, and I am loving it! Thanks for keeping us all updated on a daily basis.
    Anyways, just thought I would say sleep well tonight, because I am sure you will have another busy week. So glad to hear that you were able to leave your room/floor this weekend and see your mom and Kalli's apartment. It sounds really nice from what you wrote. Well have another great week and keep up the great work!!!

  6. Well, I'm turning in for the night- and like the rest of the pack, checking to see if there is anything new from you constantly. I love you and good night.


  7. Hey Hip.
    If you can believe it, it's 4:28 a.m. and I am checking in on you BEFORE i go to bed...Sorry we didn't get to stop in today. (I can only imagine how crushed you must've been). Our trip to Chicago started very late, and after pitstopping in Milwaukee to pack and load Kelly's stuff we did not even get into downtown Chicago until 8:30 pm....which already was past your visiting hours :(
    We also had that Ikea furniture to assemble for Kelly and her bed to set up, so we were not back on the road to Appleton until 11:30 pm. (The ONLY up- side to this was the traffic was a dream). Would you believe we actually stopped by Ash and Anth's on the way back, at 1:30 a.m., to pick up a set of mattresses that were annoying them leaning against their bedroom wall? The trailer was full on the way down so we had to pick them up on the way back...(Anth better get used to these late night adventures, as some of us Van Hoof's live on the other side of the clock!) Just FYI they DID know we were coming that late but that's how bad they wanted those mattresses gone! Now you might understand the lateness (earliness ?) of this blog entry. God only knows if it makes sense...
    Taylor and I are going to go back down to Chicago to see Kelly this week so you have avoided my visit ONLY temporarily. We plan on staying a night or two so like it or not we are coming by to harass you...and maybe play a little golf, if you can stand the competition...Are you any good or do I have to play with one arm tied behind my back? Do I smell a bet? (I think the late hour has made me cocky).
    Which reminds me did you get my card with the lottery ticket? If so, did you win big? You WOULD'VE shared with me if you had won big bucks, right?
    I am looking forward to seeing that smiling mug of yours. I guess I will have to take my chances on the "pants free" zone. Heck, I could use a little excitement...I'd better quit while I'm ahead...
    Blog you later. (Count on it).
    As always, love and prayers.
    (Self-appointed Head of the Hoof Household)

  8. morning hip,

    just a little weather update for you. it's turning around here real quick after a shitty couple weeks so hurry and get on back to cali soon brother. man it's hard gettin back in to the swing of things after this last weekend. matt and i drove straight from the hilton in vegas to the gaslamp in huntington beach arriving fashionably late at midnight thirty. alex and kelsey were out here on their road trip so we had to show em a good time. it didn't turn in to a bobblehead alex night ;-) but we had some fun. only a hippert and kalli could have made it any better. quick question though, have you been workin on any new upper body dance moves? i figure my footwork is ok, nothing spectacular, but it's alwyas nice to have a little somethin extra in the repetoire and with you rehabbin and workin on your nerves and muscles everyday i just figured you might have come up with something new and crazy no one's ever seen before. can't go to the well too many and still impress ;-) (he's doin the dice thing too much!) anyways, i know you know this but if you need anything done in sd after the swedes hop across the pond you the number man. see you in fortnight or so (that's two weeks right?)


  9. I just wanted to tell Andrew's mother and
    father what a wonderful article in "The Compass" and a good picture too! It was inspiring enough that two co-workers who saw the article got total strangers to ALSO PRAY FOR YOU and your family. How fantastic! It is truly a miracle! Thank God every day for surely He is not done with you yet.

  10. what's this compass article i'm hearing so much about hip? you got a link or somethin to it?