Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday June 12th

Today has been a little more laid back than the previous few. Andrew did have to wake up earlier and get started by 8am. He had physical therapy right away at 8 - still fighting the initial light-headed feeling he gets if he sits up too quickly in the morning. Then he enjoyed some pancakes for breakfast. After breakfast he moved on to hand group - where again he taught another group of people how to play golf. Pretty soon the whole floor will know how to play! After cards, he had a small break then moved along to occupational therapy. He did many arm and hand exercises using different bands. He also worked with the E-stim again today. After occupational therapy it was lunch time. He enjoyed chatting with friends during lunch then headed to his room for an afternoon siesta. We are waiting for a few friends from Milwaukee to stop by and visit this afternoon.


  1. Hello Andrew
    Doesn't surprise me that you are playing cards. Well it is Friday, sounds like you had quite the busy week. Keep up the good work! Say hi to your Mom and Kalli for me.

    Jenny Laird

  2. Hippert,

    I am glad to hear that therapy is going so well. Also, I am quite proud of the strides you have made thus far. I hope to come to chicago sometime soon for a visit.

    - wilcox

  3. Andrew,

    Ryan and I are so proud of all your hard work. We are thinking of you daily and reading your blog is also one thing we look forward to everyday. Sorry you can't be naked everyday... pants really do suck. lol. I would like to say that I want to compete with Haley's guac because I make killer taco dip, ask Mark or anyone, really! Haley's goin down! :) Anyway, keep up the good work!

    The Geenen's

  4. Hey Hip,
    Another late night check on you... Glad you got some more golfing in today. I know the game, and like it too. Sounds like you could become the new RIC recreation coordinator. (I new you'd spice things up there). Keep sharing your sunshine.
    As always, love and prayers.

  5. Hi Andrew,

    Wow--they keep you really busy there! You are amazing to work so hard every day!
    We're glad you're having some fun, also. We'll ask our kids if they know the Golf game; if not, perhaps you could teach them sometime!?

    Keep up all the hard work--we are very inspired by you!

    --Tuan and Holly Dam

  6. Hey guy.
    Been actually contemplating for days on what to say that hasn't already been said. But during those days pretty much everything we have ever done together has ran through my head a dozen or so times. Pretty much all of these events have a piece of your curiosity and imagination in them. From your little mini bike thing you had in your garage on Irma St. back in the day. To that picture you showed me of that super sweet sauna you built for you uncle. I still don't know how you made it round??
    I guess moral of the story is to use what you got to get the job done. I know you can, you know you can. Think about how many things you have ever actually put effort into that you couldn't do. As Nike puts it so well "Just Do It"
    With that said have a great day and smile.
    Ross Werner

  7. dude we partied with jack nicholson last night in vegas!!! my guy hendrix got us a booth at club rain in the palms and jack was right above us. a couple of my boys got a pic with him. it was a one hell of a night, $2700 bar tab worth every penny. you woulda loved it. miss you bro, see you july 4th weekend


  8. oh yeah i saw the cards playing comment and was wondering if anyone told you about the cribbage game that went down at st e's. i'm not sure who won but i knew i was in room full of hipperts that night/day :-)
    keep on grindin man, if you're gonna do it do it big,


  9. last comment here hip, sorry i'm a little scatterbrained this morninig so it took me three shots to say about half of what i want to.

    just wanted to let you know i did NOT win big here in vegas but you can't put a dollar amount on the experience this weekend. kinda like everything we've done together, i don't know about you but i consider our adventures together priceless. ok i'm done being sentimental for now, can't wait to come see you in chitown!

  10. Andrew

    Keep up the hard work.

    I hope this message finds you with your pants on. Don't play poker all night with Mark or he might take all of your poker chips. Then you might need to switch to bingo chips for therapy. How embarrassing!

    Say hi to Mark for me.

    Brian Much

  11. Hi Andrew,

    I'm sorry that you have to wear pants again! haha. I agree with your friend Brian, let's keep em on :) So glad to hear that you're playing cards and eating some decent food.

    Well, I just wanted to write and let you know that you've been in my thoughts and prayers every day since the accident. I continue to find your progress and courage to be a huge source of inspiration. Keep up the amazing work!

    Oh and we all really miss you and your shenanigans here in San Diego. But, the weather's been shit since you left so don't worry, you haven't missed out on too much just yet.

    Take care,


  12. Andrew my boy, how the heck are you? You have no idea how much your call meant to me, I was blown away when I saw it was you on the phone. How fun we had chatting and talking about the Laker game. Looks like they are going to win the series this year.

    I can't believe how great you sounded and I hope we can keep up with our calls. Let me know if Sheffield isn't covering your Blackberry bill and I will take care of that for you. Your calls mean the world to me, and I am not sure I call place a call to you or not. Do you still have your same number?

    Kellie moved into her new home and is really having a great time. She leaves Wednesday for Norway and Sweden with 20 kids from her school and 3 other chaparones. She will be gone 2 weeks and is really excited about the trip.

    I won $18 bucks fishing because I caught the 2nd largest trout (1 lb 8 oz.) this is really fun.

    You really sound like you are working hard on your rehab. and I am so proud of you. It kills me to be so far away, but please know that you are constantly in our thoughts. I miss you big guy, but I know you are in wonderful hands. Give Kalli and your family our best and know that we continue to pray for all of you.

    I hope to talk to you again soon,

    Papa Mike

  13. Hey Andrew-
    So I feel like a major stalker. The first thing I did when I came back from vacation, was turn on my computer and go to your blog. I am obsessed but love hearing and reading all the progress you are making everyday. You truely are an inspiration to many including your friends on your floor.

    I mentioned your story to my whole family, and there are many prayers coming your way. Well I am at work right now, but thought that I would quick drop a line to say hi. Right now you are hopefully getting a good night's sleep for your busy days! Keep up the strong work. Keep us all updated on the progress of yours and Mark's pants party!! Let us know when the invite will be mailed out :)

    Alright, I guess I should get back to work. Hoping you are dreaming well and say hi to Kalli from me. If there is anything you need, just let me know. I CAN NOT cook or bake, ask Mark, but I can try.... :)

  14. hey hip,

    thanks for the call tonight man, it was a long, boring desert drive til then. it really was awesome to hear from you and you better get the long weekend pass when i come out july 4th weekend. i don't think a day pass is gonna be enough cause we're doin up chicago. keep working on that car transfer goal, as soon as you get it done you can kick ass at whatever else you want. talk to you soon bud,


    oh yeah what do you think about favre in purple. i might cry