Monday, June 1, 2009

Andrew's Response

Andrew really wanted me to post from him to all of you. He is very thankful for all of the people all over the world praying for him. He wanted me to tell you he is going to continue fighting this to the end as hard as he can. He also wanted me to inform you he may be flying to Denver at the end of the week to get the best rehab facility he can! He asks that you please continue praying and posting - he really enjoys reading what everyone has to say to him.


  1. Andrew, if you think for one minute that this means you don't have to enter stuff into ProjecTrak, you're gonna have to come up with a better excuse than this!!! You know how I can be!!

    Praying for you and your family and hoping God blesses you all with the strength needed to get through this!

  2. Andrew it sounds like you are being advised to find the best spinal rehab center in the US. In case you haven;t said it- Ask your neurosurgeon where he would send his brother or son.
    I'm so glad you are doing so much better than we all feared!
    Aunt Mary

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  5. Mr. Hippert,
    It seems as though you have already made quite a bit of progress since the accident. I have every confidence that you will make a timely recovery. Now please wiggle those little piggies.

    wishing you the best,

    - wilcox

  6. keep up the good work!

  7. Hey Andrew,

    I'm so proud of you for being so brave and strong. You are amazing!

    -Becky Vander Zanden

  8. Andy,
    Just wanted to let you know that we have been thinking about you and praying for you since the accident. You have made great progress already. Keep up the good work!

    Still praying,

    Haley and Joe

  9. It's great news that you are making progress. We will keep praying for you and that your rehab will go well.

    Katy & Larry Connor

  10. Andrew
    You have been constantly in my thoughts and prayers. We have celebrated every positive piece of news on your progress and continue to be at your side with our hopes, prayers and the absolute belief in your will to overcome the challenges before you. Your miraculous steps have been an inspiration. You have so many wonderful friends, and as a result, so many others who have been drawen to you and are pulling for your continued progress and recovery....your "map of support" continues to grow.
    Andrew your courage and HIS help will see you through this. See you soon.
    Dave Van Hoof

  11. Hey Hip! My nephew has a friend in CA who had a spinal cord injury when he was 16. He strongly recommends the Craig's in Denver because they have Clinical Trials. Sounds like you are being guided in the correct direction.

    We’re proud of your strength! You have many prayer warriors, an awesome family, and incredible friends. We're keeping you in prayers. Love, The Wilhelms Family

  12. Hey Hippert,
    I sent you some cool shit today. Hope it gets to you in the next few days. In the mean time stay strong and I look forward to your next update.

  13. Hippert,
    So happy to see the progress you've been making, but you've got a little further to go although I know you'll get there.

    You are an amazing person. Your motivation in all you do, drive for success in everything you touch, and your love for life and everyone in it are an inspiration for more people than you know, including myself.

    I know you'll pull through this one, cuz that's just what you do.

    With love,
    Mark Lee

  14. Andrew,
    I love looking on the blog and Facebook, as every time I do, the news gets better.
    Keep fighting, as I expect to look on here everyday and smile!!!
    -Cousin Norm

  15. hey hippert! just a quick hello, i wanted to let you know i gave you a shout out on my blog asking anybody who reads it to pray for wiggly toes!

    i hope to get over there with houli sometime this week.

  16. Andrew,

    I just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you and praying for you. I am sooooo happy to hear about the progress you have made. You are so strong and I know you will get through this.

    Hang in there!

    Bethany Schmelzer

  17. Oh Andrew
    It was so Great to see you! I know you will continue to do well because you are one strong person!
    Jenny Laird (shorty)

  18. Andrew Gary and I are waiting to see you out on the little lake again in Marks boat just to laugh at the incredible bow in the air while you kids all have so much fun together:) My son Bill has many good things and is praying as well as us for you strong recovery. you have come a long way in a few short days. your journey will be one on ups and downs and we will pray for many ups with the piggys wigglying.

    Jill and Gary Long

  19. Dear Andrew, We are friends of the Hillends who are in Mongolia and I wanted you to know we are all praying for you. My sister suffered a spinal cord injury 5 years ago and moved from the hospital to a rehab facility for several months. She is doing great! You are obviously a much loved young man , who is strong and determined...YOU CAN DO THIS!! It is a long and tough road but many have survived it!
    While on this side of the world we have you covered..I will stop tomorrow at a scared spot and tie a ceremonial cloth so the spirits keep you strong..We visit a Buddhist Temple later in the week where I will have some chants said for you..and my personal favorite, we are planning to visit with the Catholic Bishop in Ulan Bataar Mongolia and I will light a candle there for you.

    Best Wishes,
    We will be following your progress!
    The Kipps from Lake Forest Il in Mongollia

  20. Andrew a friend told me of this place she is a PT therapist it is pretty close and was ranked #1 by us news and world report

  21. Hey!
    The scripture coes to mind; "'For I know the plans I have for you", declares the Lord,'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you a hope and a future'" Jeremiah 29:11. Surely the Lord has big plans in mind for you! We are blessed to be a witness to your progress , and we are anxious to see what lies in your future!!
    Joyce and Randy Gershman
    (daughter of Carl and Camille Mueller)
    P.S. Marshfield also has a decent rehab unit!

  22. Andrew,
    We just wanted to let you know that we are thinking about you and praying for a speedy recovery. Keep your spirits high and things will work out just fine. Ryan and Kara will keep us posted on your progress if we don't get around checking for ourselves!

    Keep wigglying!
    Pat and Fay Geenen

  23. Good Morning Hippert!
    Stay strong, keep positive...

  24. Hey Andrew- I hope you had a great night. Can't wait to hear the update for today. Remember to stay strong, which I know you can and will do. Have another great day and strive to wiggle your toes. I have heard wonderful things about Craig Hospital in Denver from my family that lives there as well as the neurosurgeons here at the University Hospital in Madison. I am thinking and praying for you.

  25. Hi Andrew,
    I can't believe how fast you have improved. Talk about a whole lot of miracles in just a short time. It was SO awesome when Tim came into church and said you were recognizing people and squeezing their hands. My heart just soared, as if I were receiving the wonderful news about my own brother.
    Sarah told me what you said about getting a kick%#@ wheelchair. So, any chance you would want to give lessons in having a great attitude? I would sign up.
    Everyone is so impressed. You are loved by many. We are keeping you in our prayers and thanking God for all that He is doing for you. Keep up the amazing work. You and your family are truly an awesome example to others.
    Becky Fabisch (Mueller)

  26. Hi andrew, I am from uruguay,my name is silvia and I am nicky`s cousin (guille`s father) I do not speak english very well but I want to tell you there are lot of people who loves you very much and they are waiting for you, so keep your spirits high, nicky told me you are very strong so you can do this and I hope meet you some day.