Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day Three In the ICU

While Andrew did get some rest overnight, which is nice, it looks like he will spend today in the ICU as well. We had hoped that he might get into a room and out of the ICU today, but the doctors and nurses would like to keep him more closely monitored throughout the day. Please continue to pray for him and his recovery.


  1. I am back at work for the day - i talked to teh Chiropractor and he concurred about Denver - so you have support from a Chiropractor about Denver. Love you brother dear - Ta

  2. Hippert Family, Kallie, and rest-

    Alex Wright here, just checking up on the blog before we (Carrie and I) were to stop by the hospital today and we have read that Hipps will be in the ICU for another day. Although we understand that this is the best thing for him, the two of us need to return to Milwaukee for the remainder of the week. Given that we have not been able to visit Andrew, we would like to have one of you (it does not matter who) relay the following message:

    Hipps, this is Al and Carrie. We have been with you and thinking about you and wish you the best. We, and many other of your friends, know that you will push through this so that you will be able to call this a bump in the long road, and not an insurmountable task. We love you bro, and want to see you as soon as we are able. When you get your own room, or you go to Denver, I will be there to see you. THAT IS A PROMISE. Keep fighting man, and breathe deep, you have people all over the world with you in their hearts and minds, and that is a positive influence like none other. Drew Zoromski has extended his condolences from Indonesia, which is one more corner of the globe pulling for you.

    So stay strong bud, we are both here for you in spirit, and as soon as we can, we will be there with you in presence. Much love, and god bless.

    -Alex & Carry (as in to pick up and move)

  3. Although it's not pleasant or spacious or comfortable in the ICU, you can be reassured that you've got the best ongoing monitoring and care -which is HUGE. Soon you'll be into a 'regular' room and that's just one more step in the right direction.
    Sounds like you've got a great attitude right now, which is nothing less than I'd have expected from you ... mr happy go lucky always busy having fun hippert.