Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday July 19th

I woke up in my room all to myself around 8:30 which is probably the latest I have ever slept in yet and I didn't have anything until 10 so there was still plenty of time to have breakfast, get ready, and head to hand group. In hand group, I started out with a man's wallet, thank goodness, for last time they stuck me with a ladies wallet. I practiced pulling out all of the money and credit cards that were inside. The first time I did this drill I slightly struggled and it took a couple minutes. This time, I had every credit card and drop of money out and back in, in probably about thirty seconds or less. Again, this is always the most encouraging, when you do an activity, then experience it again a week or two later and truly see the improvement due to the ease the second time around. After the wallet, I grabbed my favorite bucket of putty and puttied my way through part of the hour. Once again, I got every bean out. Next, I finished up the hour writing a birthday card to my Big Bro Tim. Which, as long as I am saying it in here, I will be giving it to him tomorrow at the golf outing.

After hand group I made sure everything was settled and ready for my day pass for the big golf outing tomorrow. I am so excited to see all of the people which consists of friends and family and people I haven't seen for years and years. It is truly going to be a really fun event.

We ate lunch, took pills, drained the dragon, so that we could head out for a movie at 1:30. Kalli, my mom and I walked over to the local AMC just a few blocks away and watched Public Enemies with Johnny Depp. It was neat seeing the scenes from Chicago, Oshkosh and Rhinelander but really all in all thought the movie was too long, a bit slow, and not really all that good. I am not trying to discourage anyone from seeing it but it just wasn't quite worth the nine bucks to me. Either way, it was fun. On the way home Kalli and I walked passed a sushi restaurant right next to the theater and some people were out on the patio where we saw a couple of rolls they were eating which looked delicious. We looked at each other and both felt the urge to go try it out. My mom headed back to the apartment to make some food while Kalli and I decided to give it a whirl. We ordered a couple rolls, edamame and were not disappointed at all! One of the rolls that we ordered had ten pieces in it which for any of you that enjoy sushi know that is a humongous roll! The food was great, we paid our bill and headed home!

Once we got back I decided to transfer into an armchair we just recently got in the corner of my room. The chair is pretty comfortable and actually turns into a bed for patients visitors to stay the night if they so desire. While sitting in the chair Kalli and I decided we really needed to catch up with our blogging for again, we have been really busy and kept not having time to keep everyone updated. So we did four days of blogging until about 8 o'clock at night where it was then time for me to start my nightly routine and try to get to bed early for Alex Wilhelms is coming tonight to pick us up and drive us to Appleton in the morning, really really early. Can't wait to see you all tomorrow. Just a reminder again, it is a 10 o'clock shotgun tee time and a 9 o'clock check-in time. We have around 100 people signed up so please everyone be there on time or early so everything can be started by 10! Sounds like the food, silent auction and activities are all ready to go and I am so excited to get out of here and see all of you in the AM! Again, wonderful day full of fun and activity. Normally, when you are done with a day and you felt fine all day you don't sit back and think how great it is that I felt fine today. But, now, with this new injury it really makes me think at the end of a good day how wonderful it is to be healthy, feel good, and have another great day! See you all tomorrow, Love Andrew.


  1. Hey Hip,
    Loking forward to seeing you at the Huippert Open tomorrow. I am not going to golf (the other golfers will be happy to know that) but I will be there for the other festivities and of course to see your smiling face!
    As always, love and a golfcart full of prayers.

  2. ok, so maybe I should've reread it or done spellcheck before I sent that!

  3. Just making sure this works!


  4. Hey Andrew-
    Funny story about crazy Larry! Being there in the Canary room last weekend I can so picture that huge, heavy, yellow table going up and up. How scary and funny at the same time that must have been. All Larry wanted was one of those delicious cupcakes. He literally would have killed to have one. Larry in a power chair - what can I say - CRAZY!!!
    So your designing and making purses now. Every womans dream! Kalli your so lucky! Andrew feel free to make one for me, your newest, one of a kind models. I'll brake it in for you. I'm in need for a new purse.

    Can't wait to see you all again monday at the golf outing.


  5. I hope you have a great day on Monday.

    Larry & Katy Connor

  6. Hi Hip,
    It was awesome seeing you today tooling around on the golf cart at Reid with mark and kalli. You looked great. Wish I could've hung around longer after the golfers got in. (Had to pick Taylor up in Waupun.) Ashley told me that you gave a gracious speech. :) Not surprising...
    I hope the benefit was a huge success and that you made enough money to at least put a serious dent into the cost of one of those decked-out wheelchairs!
    And once you are back in the valley, a day trip up to our cottage is in order. Maybe we can get you back on the water... not in a sailboat but maybe on our pontoon. The next time Anthony, Ashley and Tucker come up maybe you and Kalli can join them. (Discuss it amongst yourselves and let us know).
    It was nice to finally meet the infamous "Endow"... (even though he hid from me thinking I was going to break his posting fingers...) I am soooo not like that!!! I am impressed with his blogging devotion to you, Hip. It warmed my heart when I would see a blog from him first thing after every one of your new posts. Him taking the time, not to mention spending the money to be at Reid today, speaks volumes about HIM and YOU. How fortunate for you that you have such great friends. They say people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I'm thinking Endow's a "lifer"...
    I hope you had a smooth trip back to the RIC after what probably was a very long exhausting day for you. I'm sure you will squeeze every ounce of therapy into your last days there. Your mom showed me your "burp" attachment. Why do I feel that you will be incorporating that into your final moments there? well you should!
    As always, love and lengthy blogs and prayers.
    PS Nice touch with kalli's promise ring...she's a "lifer" too! You HAVE been blessed.

  7. Hey Andrew!
    I've been following your blog ever since the accident and just wanted to let you know how amazed I am at your strength, passion, and faith (and Kalli as well!) It sounds like you have made tremendous improvements since you first started at the RIC. My work does not allow me to look at blogs so I always make sure to copy and paste it to my email so I can catch up with the latest blog. I also shared your story with some of my co-workers and they are praying for you as well. I'm glad my mom was able to come and visit you a while back. She told me she was in the Chicago area so I insisted that she stop by there to visit you. I'm in the process of sending something your way but I believe I should send it to Marks house now since you will be leaving the RIC soon. I think Mark's address is somewhere on the side of this blog but if it gets returned to me I will have to ask you for it! Anyway, hope everything went well with the golf outing yesterday and you were able to see how many people you have touched, as well as, how many people truely care about you and love you. Stay strong!!!

  8. can't wait to read your blog about how the benefit went!!!! I am sure it was a huge success!!!! keep up the strong work in your last days at RIC.