Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday July 27th

Hello Everyone- I finally got out of rehab and was able to head back home. Thursday morning RIC asked me to be packed and ready to go by 10 so they could begin cleaning my room for the next patient. So Kalli and I packed up everything and had it ready so that on Thursday morning we were able to all jump in the car and head to Menasha where I would be living with my good buddy Mark Lee from now on. Thursday morning I walked around and said my goodbyes to everyone that has been there for me over the last two months. As I walked around there were so many people to give hugs and goodbyes to, it was slightly overwhelming... but yet I was excited to go. You can only stay in a place that isn't your own home for so long before you get a bit antsy to get back to a normal life. So after saying goodbye to everyone we jumped in the car and headed back. The drive went really well even though the car was packed to the gills with each of our things. Once we got to Mark's house the working crew (my parent's, Kalli's parents, and Mark's parents) were all just finishing up odds and ends in the bathroom and throughout the house so that it was ready for me to live in. We moved in all of our things and re-arranged my room so that the hospital bed and a futon would all fit and it turned out just fine. Things are going really well and each day we continue to adapt to the new surroundings which change the way we do my nightly routine and many other daily tasks.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing in the blog each and every day. Now that I'm back to what is a fairly normal schedule and living at home, I'm going to try to just blog once a week, usually on Sunday, so that I can give highlights of what is going on. Now when really exciting things, such as wiggling my toes occur, I'll most likely jump on the blog and make sure everyone knows. Thank you everyone for following my progress so intently, but it's a bit more difficult to stay on a good therapy schedule and live in a normal household, so my time seems to go by even faster. I would love to keep up and continue blogging everyday but I think it's time to just move back to once a week. I wanted to make sure everyone knew that, so that people weren't worried or thinking that something was wrong when they didn't see a blog for days and days.

I'm going to be living at Mark Lee's house, as you all know, and his address, if you need to send anything, is the following:

Andrew Hippert
1124 Lakeshore Dr
Menasha, WI 54952

Please continue the prayers- I have an extremely long road ahead of me and I need all of the support I can get. Also, because everything takes a bit longer to do and people have been asking if there is anything they can do to help - Mark, Kalli, and I are always looking for a hot meal. I can't thank everyone enough for all of the support that they have shown through prayers, charity outings, and helping me in endless ways. Thank you all!

I also want to thank the whole group of individuals that put together a special rehab program by getting me a handful of games and a Nintendo Wii. A couple weeks ago, Mark had called me asking me if there was anything that I would like for people had been asking what they could do to help. I told him that RIC had a Nintendo Wii and it truly was a great way to rehab. So Mark and several others put some money together to go and get me exactly that. I can't thank you enough for I have already played it and it's truly a great work-out, and really fun.

So, I look forward to talking to you all again in about a week, where I will again give an update of the weekly highlights and ups-and-downs in my new life back in the Fox Valley.

Love you all,


  1. Hey Hip,
    Glad you got a chance to update your fan club. I checked often this past week but was not surprised to see any blogging from you. Weekly updates will satisfy our "Hippert" cravings! Just be sure to share your milestones with us so we can pass it on to all the people we have praying for you that you might not even know. People LOVE to hear positive results from their prayers.
    As always love and ENTIRE weeks worth.
    Check back with you Sunday.

  2. Hey Andy,

    Just wanted to say that it was nice seeing you at Mark's on Saturday even though we didn't get a chance to talk. It seemed as though you were pretty busy with a lot of conversation. We are hoping to stop by sometime soon when we can talk and hangout without so many people around. We continue to read your blog and pray for you daily.

    ~Haley and Joe

  3. Hi Hip.
    I realize you are not due for a post from me until after your post next Sunday but I had to share this. I was watching Fox and Friends early this morning and they had a little newsflash on a study that has been done with mice- saying that BLUE M&M's have something in them (maybe BGS? I didn't quite catch it so I could be wrong) that helps people with spinal cord injuries...and paralysis. I know it seems bizarre but i figured even if there was no truth to it what would the harm be if you ate a ton of blue M&M's??? losing your girlish figure??? Anyway I just wanted to relay that info to you so that you could start loading up on blue M$M's. I'm not sure but if you went to Fox News online maybe you can even read/hear about it yourself. Also, I know if you go online you can special order blue M&M's (or any other color or color combination, for that matter).
    As long as you got those toes wiggling, and your leg lifting, I thought it would be great to add eating blue M&M's to your daily rehab ...
    As always love and prayers...

  4. I know, I heard that about blue M and M's too
    so eat up! :-)
    Thanks for keeping us all updated--once a week
    is fine if that works for you!
    Best to you! We are all so proud of your
    great attitude and progress!
    He has done marvelous things!

  5. Looking forward to hearing from you, Andrew, even if it is just once a week. It'll be even better to be able to see you periodically.

    We'll certainly keep the prayers coming, and maybe even a meal now and again. Keep up the great work, and we're grateful to Kalli & Mark as well. You all make a great team!

    Steve & Amee Pable

  6. what up hip,

    sorry i've gone dark the last handful of days. i caught the new posting and thought i had some time to hit you up but now i see tari already has 2 up on me so i better get to it. i've been somewhat lost the last few days without an update. whenever i'm at the computer and don't want to work i check my emails, read the news, or read your blog. now that we're getting weekly updates instead of daily my fantasy baseball team is getting far more attention than it really needs. real glad you're out doin your own thing though, that's gotta feel good.

    i hope the new pad is treating you well, that's one hell of an adjustment man. i imagine you're figuring out all the little every day things we take for granted. being vertically challenged myself i can relate to some of the things you might be going through. (i still hate the top cabinet and high shelves :-)

    how's the neck feeling these days man? you gotta be getting that damn thing off pretty soon now. i know i'd be pissed off and irritable, counting down the days til that brace came off. i think the first thing you should do with your new neck is turn to the right and kiss kalli then turn to the left and kiss your mom for everything they've done and continue doing to help you through all this. you can do what you like though, it's your neck, just a thought...

    big baseball weekend coming up out here hip, wish you and kal were here to even out the numbers. brewers are gonna be in san diego friday - sunday then in LA monday - wednesday. it's too bad their pitching gives up homeruns like its slow pitch softball night at a little league park. besides gallardo and hoffman the pitching has been a bag of shit petty much all season. still gonna go see them at least twice though. i remember county stadium and the brewers from when we were kids and earlier so no matter how much they suck i'll still go see them play. i will try to call kalli before we go to san diego on saturday or sunday to find out where her bike is so i can get that number off the lock for her dad. just let her know so she doesn't screen my call ;-)

    hope your week wasn't too difficult and your weekend is a relaxing one. talk to you soon brother, later

  7. Hey Hip,
    Peeked at your website and saw you were a post yet. Just kidding I am sure that you have a zillion things to do and have tons of people stopping by to visit you... and there are ONLY so many hours in a day! No guilt trip here. Just want you to know that I continue to think about you and pray for you...and I can do that whether I read a day to day, week to week or month to month update from you.
    I hope you are all settled in at Mark's (and now YOUR place) and getting into some sort of routine...and I hope people are giving you a chance to do the hard work of rehabbing. I'd hate for you to keep those wiggling toes and legs waiting!!!
    I'm going to use my back-up plan and give Ashley a call to see if I can get some Hippert news. Like daughter, like mother...on stalking, I guess.
    As always, love and a ton of prayers.

  8. Andrew, Herman and I have watched your blog since you got to Chigago. He is waiting to go sailing with you when you return to San Diego. Your progress is amazing and we know its a combination of your strength and stubborness and the prayers that keep on coming. How's it look for getting a vehicle? We're willing to help, let us know what's happening. Vicki and Herman Radtke (Anthony's Aunt and Uncle)

  9. yo hip!!!!

    i'm so amped after that win!!! i don't know if you saw the brewer game tonight but it ended amazingly!!!! the brewers gave up 3 runs in the bottom of the ninth to make it 6-5 and manny ramirez came up with 2 outs and the bases loaded.........and popped out! it was awesome :-) evan and abdul (that lame ass dodger fan) were there to enjoy it and after all the steroids, cheater and let's go brewers yells i threw out during the game i was easily the most hated guy at doder stadium. i cant believe i didn't get stabbed in the parking lot ;-) seriously though i was a prick to dodgers fans :-) you would've been proud :-)

    anyways, how bout an update on how menasha's treatin you? whenever's good but i might have to call you soon if there's no blog update.....

  10. Hey Hip,
    I am responding to your APB (all points bulletin) for a meal, though you are taking your life into your hands eating it! Beggers can't be choosers, they say...
    Talk to you Wed. late morning....
    * Endow...I'm bringing white chicken chili over to Andrew tomorrow (Wed.) ...Try to do THAT from California! I read yopur last blog. If you don't talk to Hip and he doesn't update his blog I will post any news I get after peeking in on him when I deliver his fabulous dinner. :-)