Sunday, July 5, 2009

Friday/Saturday/Sunday 3rd-5th

Friday morning I had the whole Sarah Hippert crew joined by Ali, Annabelle and Jack to help me with my morning routine. We got out of bed and went upstairs to the activity room for hand group. Hand group is usually held in the canary room, but every once and a while the activity planners get in on hand group and make it a little more fun. So, we went upstairs to the 9th floor and played pool for therapy. You wouldn't think that playing pool would be much work but holding the stick, leaning over for the shot, all of it really works all kinds of muscles throughout your body. To make the game fair Sarah or Ali, whomever I was playing at the time, also had to sit on a rolling computer chair. As we were playing Annabelle and Ali drew me some beautiful pictures with those awesome smelly markers we all love.

Once our hour was up we headed downstairs with stinky pictures in hand and went to my room for I had an hour break until exercise group at 11. Before group started in walked Wes Block one of my really good buddies from college. It was strange I remember meeting Wes and it was almost like love at first sight. Him and I hung out one or two times and felt like we knew each other forever. I said Wes you are just in time for exercise group! If you can make it through the whole class you would be the second person ever. Wes had just come out to CA to visit me the weekend before the wedding and was a real trooper since he was sporting a full leg cast for his broken ankle. We started pumping and pushing, rocking and rolling through exercise group. Sweat was flowing and the jokes were getting thrown around the room left and right, as usual. Turned out to be a great exercise group and somehow or another, both Kalli and Wes made it all the way through without breaks. So, that makes three people that have now made it. Sorry Guillermo your solo record didn't last too long.

After exercise group we headed into the canary room to all sit down for some lunch. Wes was also in town to watch the Brewers play the Cubs at Wriggly. So, he grabbed a little deodorant and ran to meet his family at the game.

After we all ate, my next class was PT group with Sally. Sally had several different wheelchair skills activities set up in the center area near the reception desk. We had the wheelie tree, orange cone obstacle course, wheelie ride up pad, and several boche balls and bean bags scattered throughout the floor to work your core practicing picking them up and throwing them into bean bag boards and buckets. We took turns practicing and working all of the activities, ending the session playing catch with a two and a half foot rubber ball and ten minutes of textbook wheelchair pushing doing laps around the outside of the 7th floor.

Once all of my therapies were done I began getting ready for Kalli and I had a really fun night planned ahead of us. We made reservations for a really cool hibachi restaurant about four blocks away. After the hibachi bar we went another five blocks to the lake to catch the Friday night fireworks show near Navy Pier. The hibachi restaurant turned out absolutely top notch. Fresh food, great entertainment and some nice company placed at our table with us. It turned out to be either lucky or quite a blessing for Kalli normally doesn't like the style of most hibachi restaurants but she loved everything here. I would recommend this place to anyone. After dinner our timing was absolutely impeccable for by the time we got to where we wanted to watch the fireworks from it wasn't more than 30 seconds and they started. I think they lit the fireworks about 10 minutes early because the whole way home people walking the opposite direction kept asking "are the fireworks already over?" "did we miss the show?" It turned out to be a perfect date night for Kalli and I which we have not had in a while.

Saturday morning I hopped out of bed for my nine o'clock hand group where I worked with my new putty and retrieved all 15 beans within the hour. While I pulled and prodded for bean after bean Michael and Ruth Schmelzer sat with Kalli, my mom and I for a nice visit. Schmelzers were passing through on their way to South Bend.

Again, we had a full day of fun planned for the rest of the day. We had four tickets to the Brewers Cubs game here in town. My dad arrived shortly after hands group just in time for an 11:30 cab to pick us up in front of RIC and bring us right to the stadium. This was the first handi cap accessible cab I had ever taken and it really worked out well for us. Once we got to the stadium we grabbed our tickets from will call and headed in to find their elevator which brought us right to our box seat wheelchair accessible tickets. They were directly behind home base and had a roof which was great because 80% of the game there was a gentle mist/light rain soaking the rest of the crowd. Wriggly field was really a neat baseball diamond with crazy extra seating on houses, bars, any building that was across the street from the outfield. There were huge bleachers sections built on top of the building. We took a bunch of pictures and it was really neat. A crazy coincidence occurred when I sat down. Sitting next to me was a guy who grew up in Appleton and Kimberly Wisconsin his whole life and had basically the same injury as me four years prior. He instantly shared many of his experiences involved with his accident. We exchanged information and Tim invited me to check out his home and converted vehicle next time I was in Appleton.

After the game we headed home to take a quick nap and then go out to dinner, the four of us, my mom, dad, Kalli and I to celebrate the 4th of July. Oh yeah by the way Cubbies got smoked, Brewers 11, Cubs 2. We headed over to The Cheesecake Factory about 6 blocks away. The food was absolutely delicious and I think all four of us thoroughly enjoyed our plates. We finished the night off sharing a delicious piece of raspberry cheesecake and headed home to go to bed.

After two days in a row of go go action and lots of fun and celebration of the 4th of July weekend, I was ready for a relaxing Sunday. I slept in until about 8 and didn't get out of bed until about 10:30. Once I did get out of bed the four of us went upstairs to the 12th floor where they have a mock kitchen and a big table. My dad and I went over all my insurance bills and some of the donation information in which was all being forwarded to him. After we got everything squared away and handed over to me we decided to go downstairs to eat some lunch and play some cards.

We played Euchre which surprisingly was the first time since I have been here and we ended up tying 8 to 8 because my dad had to hit the road in order to catch his train home. We said our goodbyes with hugs and prayers and then I headed to bed for another nap. After feeling guilty for just laying around all day I transferred back into my chair and we went and hung out in the canary room where we ate dinner and chatted for a bit.

Over dinner we decided it was time to play some more cards but first we needed to do something active to get rid of some of the soreness I was experiencing in my arms and body due to just laying around. So we pulled the bean bags out of my backpack and my mom, our friend Joey, Kalli and I made a diamond in the center area and we simply played catch, throwing the bean bags all over the place. After getting a little workout in it was time to get another game of Tricks in. Joey and my mom got into some serious crashing slumps but Kalli ended up pulling it all together and winning. She claims it was her first win ever and we were all really excited for her.

By the time we were done it was past 8 o'clock and it was time to head to bed and start my nightly routine. What a wonderful weekend with great food, fireworks, a dynamite baseball game and wonderful friends and family. It was really kind of nice just having my mom and dad and Kalli and I able to spend some quality time together. A much different fourth of July for all four of us than we have had in many years. After the long weekend I am excited to get a good nights rest and wake up refreshed and ready to pound out some new goals in the coming week.


  1. Hi Andrew! Sounds like a nearly picture perfect weekend...great to hear how well things went. We knew those Brewers would win for you!

    Have a great week. Keep working on the wiggling of those toes!

    Paul specifically says "peace and love" ... and I add... to you, to Kalli,to your mom, and to everybody at the RIC and to everybody out there in Andrew fanland.
    ~~~ Love, Maureen

  2. Hey Hip,
    I got back from the cottage a few hours ago. Did you miss me??? With your event/visitor filled blog entries, I'm thinking "not so much".
    Wanted to share a little "Tari Blog" now that you got me an get comfortable cuz I'm 53 yrs. old and I have ALOT of ground to cover...(you DO remember my brief comments at Ashley and Anthony's wedding, don't you?)
    So here's the deal...last Thursday we had a small "girls day" at the cottage. Because the "partly sunny" forecast that day was in reality "totally cloudy" we had to alter our initial rigorous schedule of sipping Coronas while lying on our butts in the sun dockside, and instead let our "schmanly" side come out and go fishing. Turned out to be a wise decision as we "spanked em" (as my husband Dave, would say) We caught many, many panfish "with shoulders"...(another Davism). To put it mildly, we were fishing MACHINES. (I must concur Hip, we saw many many varieties of fish that day and NONE were square like your reject "Big N Tasty".) ANYWAY, back to MY fish story...4 hours later we had a net FULL of "keepers". I took a picture with my cell phone of the net piled with fish and sent it to Dave, with the text...Fish Fry tonight? His response was...get em scaled... and so 3 of the 4 master fisherwomen continued our "shman-liness" and scaled every last fish...In fact by the time Bozo (I mean, Dave) got to the cottage we had every fish completely fileted as well! (I'm thnking he pretty much had to drive backwards to take THAT long to get to the cottage, an alterior motive perhaps?) So, instead of our previously planned stop at the Cecil Diner for premium fine dining that night, Dave fired up the cooker and we had delicious panfish. Talk about fresh! If the Canary Room wasn"t so darn far away I would've shared some with you...
    The rest of the weekend was filled with lots of great company (Ash and Anth to name a few.) and lots of sunshine as well.
    Not to brag but I won my mom's "Shake of the Day" over the weekend. Unfortunately my mom won out of the same can right before me! (the dirty bugger)! She won about $17 and I won about $8.50. In that I NEVER win I was a VERY happy camper!
    Well the yawning has overcome me so I am heading to bed. The laundry will have to wait til morning.
    Give it the "Old Hippert Try" again this week.
    As always, a net full of love and prayers...

  3. morning hip,

    wow man that sounds like quite the weekend you had. i hope you didn't "inhale" when you were smelling those markers. and if you did i hope you hit it like the 4 footer ;-) (is that too inapropriate?) you picked the right game to go to even though it was lightly raining. that ball 4 call in extra innings the game the day before was BULLSHIT but at least Casey McGehee hit a monster homerun on to Waveland Ave the next day. that must've been fun to see, it tasted all the sweeter since he played for the cubbies last year and is absolutely tearing it up for the crew this season.

    is wes still rockin a cast on his ankle? i think me and him are on shaky ground right now since i forgot to call him when i was back last time and we were both at the brewer game. dont hate me wes, i'm sorry!!! we'll kick it soon, promise.

    glad you got to check out some fireworks. they're illegal in long beach (about the only thing that is) our neighboor across the street usually puts on a show but last year the cops rolled through and jacked all his shit and gave him a firm slap on the wrist. needless to say it was only snakes and sparklers this year :-( the chitown show must've been something though. i'm glad you and Kalli got to do a little somethin somethin, date nights are a necessity to keep the womenfolk happy. learned that one awhile back myself ;-)

    so how many goals you gonna accomplish this week hip? you might want to work on your short game since the golf outing is coming up. maybe you and carey could hit up a mini golf course or something to practice. i wanna hear about you draining a 30ft putt Tiger Woods style. even if you dropped a 3ft putt you got me beat, although you tend to beat me in anything requiring hand eye coordination anyways. well i guess i've put off workin long enough, back to the salt mines. talk to you soon bud, later.

    ps Kal give me a jingle when you have some free time, got a few questions for you.....I guess you can call me too if you want Hip. i got plenty of anywhere, anytime minutes for you two :-)