Monday, March 15, 2010

Forearm Crutches


  1. You are doing awesome Andrew, keep up the good work =)

  2. Great job Andrew!! Keep it up!! Praise God!!

  3. WOW! Hippert!!! that is so fantastic! i miss you guys...hope you are liking it there! love you!

  4. Oh my God, Hippert!! You look amazing!! You make the crutch walking look so easy! I feel like I should be saying Congratulations; I don't know if that is really appropriate or not, but I'm saying it! I'm so glad you're getting this time in Atlanta!!

  5. So that's what kickin ass looks like, good form Hip! It was great catchin up the other day and hope I didn't keep you from your rigorous schedule for too long. I say stay in Atlanta as long as possible, everyone else can wait patiently to one day be graced with your walking presence. Can't wait til that day brings you back out here man. Until then keep doin what you do best, it's mentioned in the first sentence of this post, and before you know it we'll all be relaxin on the beach again in no time :-)


  6. Wow Andrew that was another awesome video! Mike and I just watched it and he says, "Great job keep it up" We are so proud of you! We miss you guys, and are thinking of you all the time. I'm so glad you both got to go to Atlanta. I was just talking to a client today about you and saying how great you were doing and what a crazy and incedible journey it's been! LOOK how far you've come!!!
    I just paused a second to get a tissue, there I go again...I'm just so PROUD of you!!!

    yoUR, siStEr

  7. This is the best thing I have ever seen! You never cease to amaze me. Keep up the good Work Hip! You bring tears to my eyes! Miss you!
    Ashley Wilhelms

  8. OMG Hip! I'm all choked up! You have worked so incredibly hard and it all is paying off! Your miracle continues. All of our prayers are being answered! I might add that you looked incredibly handsome strutting around...especially when you flashed us that big Hippert smile! Keep on keeping on...though I know I don't evenhave to say that. A big Hi and hug to your wingman Kalli....
    Love and continued prayers.

  9. I have been thinking about you and wondering how things have been going in Atlanta. What a great surprise to see your video. This is awesome Andrew - keep up the good work. Loved your smile.
    Mrs. Houli

  10. WOW. Your perseverence and courage continue to be an inspiration. What and awesome video I had to watch it a few times...through smiles and tears. Say hi to Kalli and a huge hug for both of you.

    Dave VH

  11. Holy Cow! I'm going to have to pick up my training if I want to keep up with you. You'll probably beat me in the first 5K race we run together. I can't get over the progress you're making. Take care! Amanda L.

  12. OMG Hip! I think the whole world is smiling wide after watching your video! You have incredible perseverance, courage and stamina, both you and Kalli do. You are a walking, talking miracle! I have to go back and watch the video for the 4th time! Then, I'll watch it again! Next, you'll be touching your toes!

  13. Wow you are amazing we are so happy to see you in this video. Excuse us now as we go watch you again and cry some more!
    Patti and Jon

  14. Holey Schmoley! I can't wait to share this
    photo/video with the rest of the prayer
    group! It and you are simply amazing!
    What progress! You know you are in our
    thoughts and prayers always!
    In Him all things are possible!
    All things!
    Love, The Prayer Group

  15. Amazing! Looking good! Keep up the great progress.

    Curt Romenesko

  16. Thats awesome brooooo!!!!
    Me n JT will call you next week and hear the latest.

    Nice shirt btw ;) Represent

    Love u bro!

  17. WOW... Great job Andrew. You look great. It was great talking to you on your way to Atlanta.


  18. Simply amazing! God bless you.

    Charles Boesen
    Lifetime Image Photography/Video

  19. its all about the t-shirt!
    nice talking to you last night! / jon

  20. Have a wonderful Easter, friend, and
    don't forget to pass along the love!
    Be strong and remember that miracles do
    happen! Love, The Prayer Group

  21. Ha!!! =) nice work bud... Sweden baby. Keep pushin mang

  22. I'm just blown away watching that video Andrew. You are an inspiration! Take care! Amanda L.

  23. I hear you are using just a walker, or not even a walker!! That is awesome!! Keep up the good work!!

    Katy Lee Connor

  24. look are doing such a fantastic job!! All I could think of was Praise God. Mark's Aunt Patty J. Lee and Mark Moore

  25. Nice to see you making progress Andrew!
    Keep on!

    hugs from Switzerland,

  26. We're waiting for more updates and keeping
    you especially in our prayers and thoughts.
    Remember the power of your awesome, powerful
    Love, The Prayer Group!


  27. We are awaiting updates! We love sharing
    your many "ups" and this is certainly one
    of them! Remember you have an awesome,
    powerful God! You are especially in our
    thoughts and prayers EVERY DAY!

  28. Updates please---we want to share in
    God's power! Amen brother! The Prayer Group

  29. Send me an email, I have some questions for you about Shepard. Looking good on those forearm crutches, I wish my steps were that long.

    Anthony Magliari
    email is

  30. Prayer Group is thinking about you today
    and looking forward to an update and
    more pictures! On this beautiful spring
    day thank the Lord and be strong, friend!
    Be in awe of your and God's strengths!
    Love The Pray Group
    All things are possible through Him!
    All things! :-)

  31. We haven't forgotten you, dear friend,
    you are in our prayers every day!
    How is it going????
    Remember the strength of our loving God, and,
    through Him all things are indeed possible!

  32. Im just blown away dude! You are a true warrior..Cheers, no worries...Much love, Your Peps from P-ville..

  33. Waiting for updates!
    You are in our prayers every day! :-)
    The Prayer Group

  34. A little bird named Ashley told me of your latest good news. I don't want to steal your thunder so I am just going to say Congrats....I am soooo very happy for both of you. I think it was destiny...
    Looking forwrd to seeing you in Aug.
    Much love and prayers.