Monday, October 19, 2009

October 19th

An interesting Monday here at the RIC. It almost seemed as if both therapists and patients were running low on energy and morale. But, of course, this didn't affect me for I had a therapy and exercise packed day from start to finish. In fact, my first therapy was OT and began at 7:30 in the morning. I tried my hardest to get my exercise routine done and get out of bed before they came but it just wasn't possible. This seemed to work just fine for the therapists for part of OT is getting dressed, brushing your teeth, putting on deodorant, so they simply observed while I rushed as fast as I could so we could get upstairs. My OT was Rebecca, a six month along pregnant therapist, looking like she was ready to pop. We went upstairs and decided to start it off with e-stim, working my hands specifically. We did this until 8:30 where I then headed to the canary room where Kalli had my breakfast tray ready.

After breakfast I had a few minutes so I decided to call and email a few people about my chair order, and several other random tasks involving this whole situation. These daily emails and calls working on all different aspects of the injury almost seem like they may never stop, but I know at some point it has got to be all figured out.

My next therapy was PT group where Kalli and I set up a sling for my leg and went through specifically strengthening one muscle at a time to all of my leg muscles. Doing three sets of ten on each muscle easily consumed the entire hour. I was then scheduled to be on the lokomat with Carey.

Unfortunately, the lokomat was still down, needing repair, so we decided it would be good to do some overground walking. Carey, for over a month now, has had an assistant intern helping her with all of her patients here at RIC. Emily, Carey's intern, had to call in sick today for she was not feeling well at all which left Carey with a very full schedule for she had doubled up most of her patients assuming she would have help. So, since Carey had me scheduled alone on the lokomat she took the opportunity to actually go downstairs with me and walk on the sixth floor. It worked well because not only were my leg braces down in my room but it also gave Carey a chance to get away from all of the craziness and clutter going on up on the seventh floor. The sixth floor is almost always really chill with a lot less going on. Carey proclaimed that this was her best hour of the day and it was like taking a break for her - being able to get off of the floor. It was nice for me too because I had Carey's undivided attention, for people are normally budding in left and right asking questions that we all have. So, we went ahead and walked well over two hundred feet and then went into the sixth floor gym parallel bars to practice many other muscle building leg exercises done while standing.

Like a flash, the hour was over and it was time for us to grab our pills downstairs, get some lunch and head upstairs to eat before we started the afternoon. 11:00 was actually my last class of the day, so I immediately jumped back in the gym to take advantage of a clear afternoon schedule. First, I jumped on the ricshaw, then I lifted cable weights using each and ever station like I always do. After that, Diane, my full time OT last time I was here, had an open hour from two until three so we began working on a second brace for my left hand. Adjustment after adjustment the entire hour flew by as Diane heated and cooled my brace to my every need while I sat on the power bike pedaling away.

After an hour and five minutes on the pedal bike, we decided to jump on the standing frame to get a little more weighted exercise in for the day. While on the standing frame Kalli and I played King's Corners, which she dominated. I stayed on it a little over an hour.

After the standing frame it was a little after five o'clock so we headed down and got food then went into the 7th floor canary room to eat our dinner. While we were eating there was a group of parents and two patients forming a circle around the other table. They were all talking about what is the best way to get return and figure out how to walk again. Sitting outside of the circle, listening to them, I just wanted to scream "there isn't really much you all can do, it comes down to each individual patient has to take this on, full steam ahead, and work their brains out." So, slowly after most of them had made their comments I rolled over there and entered into this conversation. After not too long I found myself explaining to them how and why I felt like I was getting the return that I am. Everyone seemed very interested and it turned into a conversation between mainly me and Robert, one of the fairly high level power chair patients. I always see Robert sleeping and looking like he is in a daze, just moping around. I basically ended up calling him out on it, but in a way that was telling him "hey we only have so much time, and it is really hard to get through what we are doing here but you can't just sit around. You have to take every minute that you can and use it productively, for it is like an hourglass that has been turned upside down on us and we are fighting for our own functionality as the sand continues to pour down into the bottom." Robert rolled away for he had to go and get his six o'clock pills and after he was gone his father looked at me and thanked me saying "That's what he needs. He is in shock right now. But, we can't say those things to him, for all he says to us is you don't know what I am going through." I really do think that our discussion lit a fire, or at least maybe a small candle in Robert's mind and attitude, for the glazed over look in his eyes truly did show some hope. Shortly after he had left for his meds, he came right back to the conversation with more questions about what I was doing to fight this battle.

After all of these good conversations we headed back downstairs for I had some pills that I needed to take as well and we wanted to get my nightly routine and blogging session out of the way so that Kalli could get home at a decent hour tonight. Alright everyone, I am excited to jump in the shower and get ready for bed so that's all I have for today. Another great day filled with muscle building, strength training, influential conversation, and good company for I can't say enough how lucky I am to have sweet little Kalli here by my side helping me along day by day. Goodnight.


  1. Back blogging so soon Hip? I never expected a post from you already....but, as always, it was as inspiring as it was interesting.
    So glad you took that opportunity to motivate your fellow patient. As shared by his parents, he really needed to hear that...and coming from you, it had more merit than hearing it from his non-disabled family. It's easy to see how someone could be so devastated about their injury that the will and drive to fight back could leave them. I am sure you had many of those days and fought thru the temptation to throw in the towel. That is why we all think you are so amazing! You dug deep and managed to stay positive, and celebrate the little victories. And one victory at a time you are working your way back. I think you needed to be back at the RIC to motivate those patients who are feeling sorry for themselves and want to give up...and at $3,000 a day that is certainly not the place to do it...
    So glad that your hard work is paying off and you are up on those feet cruising the halls at the RIC.
    You are absolutely right about Sweet Little Kalli at your side...I'm getting the impression that she kind-of likes you.. :-)
    Praying that the lokomat is back in service and as always for your continued progress...

  2. YO HIP!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the heads up text man, i had no idea you were bloggin again after we talked on the phone a week or two ago. there's a lot to take in that i missed during those days. it's real cool diane and carey are there to help you through round two. sounds like you're picking up right were you left off, kickin ass and takin names. i can't believe you're pushin yourself through this AND helpin out others going through the same shit. i think i see a lucrative career in your future as a motivational speaker man. tony robbins ain't got shit on you brother :-) i knew RIC was pricey but damn, for 3gs a day you should have a penthouse suite and be rollin all chromed out with 30s on your chair. i can't imagine how people without insurance or some shitty form of it ever get past a tragic accident, physically or financially. i'm just glad you're taken care of and handling your business like a Boss. (you gotta check out the Daily Shows music video "Still a Boss" with Slim Thug and Wyatt Cenac. HILARIOUS!) anyways, i can't wait to kick it with you and kalli again. i know you don't need any encouragement but heather and i will be out to check out your pad in december and i expect to have my mind blown when i see your progress man. that golf outing seems years ago and i'm excited to see how far you've come since then. oh yeah, i never got that key for the bike lock in the mail. you didn't send it did you? just let me know what's good and i'll handle it. and i'm gonna be checkin in on the blog every day now. i know tari's crushing me in the posting so i may have to start spamming your blog :-)


  3. Whaz up? Prayer group waiting for details
    on progress!!!!

  4. How's it going?????
    Time for an update!